• September 12

    WEY brand was unveiled in the Frankfurt Auto Show for the first time and its VV5s model became the most successful one at the show.

  • August 31

    VV5s, the second mass production model of WEY brand-the pathfinder of luxury SUVs in China, was honorably launched in the market. In addition, it challenged the static pressure test specified in the most strict American standard and overpassed the relevant American safety standard.

  • August 28

    HAVAL brand was officially launched in New Zealand.

  • August

    HAVAL brand formally landed in Saudi Arabia with the first Haval exclusive shop opening there.

  • July 21

    In the first public small overlap collision test on Chinese brands, the VV7 model was successfully rated as "Good" in the best class.

  • July 21

    The super good household SUV, HAVAL M6, was launched, with a selling price of RMB 89,800 to RMB 109,800.

  • May

    HAVAL, together with WEY, won the honor of the "National Brand Plan - Industry Leader" awarded by CCTV.

  • April

    HAVAL brand was launched in Tunisia, the northernmost end of the African continent.

  • April 26

    GWM was included in the "List of Best Chinese Brands in 2017" prepared by Interbrand, ranking the 43th place with a brand value of RMB 3.24 billion.

  • April 19

    The first model of WEY brand, VV7, was launched in Auto Shanghai, with a selling price of RMB 167,800 to RMB 188,800.

  • April 19

    The all new HAVAL H6 was launched in Auto Shanghai, with a selling price of RMB 118,800 to RMB 146,800.

  • April

    GWM was honorably included in the list of "BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Chinese Brands in 2017", ranking the 65th place. Its brand value was USD 790 million, with a year-on-year increase of 3% and the brand contribution index of 1. The list was reputed as the "Oscar Award" of the marketing industry throughout the world. GWM won this award for the 3rd consecutive year.

  • March 14

    GWM won the "2016 Excellent Service Award of Chinese Automobile After-Sales Service Enterprises". With a score of 798, HAVAL brand ranked the first among "2017 Independently Developed Brands with Chinese Passenger Car After-sales Service Satisfaction Index".

  • February 22

    The "2017 Chinese Automobile Industry Customer Satisfaction Survey Result" was released in Beijing and HAVAL H1, H2 and H6 won the following three prizes respectively: Consumer's Comprehensive Satisfaction Evaluation - Best Mini SUV (HAVAL H1), Best Entry-level Small SUV (HAVAL H2), and Best Compact SUV (HAVAL H6).

  • February 19

    The internationally renowned brand evaluation organization, Brand Finance, issued a global SUV brand list. In the ranking of "Brand Power of Global Professional SUV in 2017", with a brand level of AA+, HAVAL's brand power came in first, exceeding Jeep and Land Rover. In the ranking of "Brand Strength of Chinese SUV", HAVAL came in first by a landslide.

  • February 19

    TThe "One Million Sales, Champion Honor" themed HAVAL Brand Celebration was held in Baoding and representatives of HAVAL owners received the certification of "Largest-Scale HAVAL Automobile Parade" awarded by Guinness World Records certification officers.

  • December 31

    GWM sold 150,500 vehicles in December, creating a new record and with a year-on-year increase of 57.26%. The sales volume of HAVAL 6 refreshed the record again, exceeding 80,000. The sales volume of GWM in 2016 was1,074,500, exceeding one million and overfulfilling the target of sales volume (950,000) for this year.

  • December 26

    The evaluation and selection result of the Eighteenth Chinese Patent Award was released and HAVAL H2 won the "Appearance Design Patent Gold Prize of Chinese Patent Award".

  • December 21

    China Automotive Technology Research Center released the evaluation result of the fourth batch of China Eco-Car Assessment Programme (C-ECAP) and the gold medal was won by 2016 HAVAL H6 Coupe 2.0T manual diesel two-drive city model.

  • December 12

    The "2016 Chinese Brand Value Evaluation Information Conference" was held in Beijing and GWM came in first in the automobile industry with a brand value of RMB 34.407 billion and with a brand strength of 921.

  • December 3

    The result of "2016 Survey on Satisfactory from Automobile Distributors to Manufacturers" was released and HAVAL consecutively won the championship with a high score of 83.2.

  • November 18

    HAVAL H2s was launched in Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition, giving a perfect interpretation of "Future Style".

  • October

    A Britain brand evaluation organization, Brand Finance, released the list of "Top 100 Automobile Brands in 2016". GWM ranked the 30th place on the list and came in first among Chinese brands.

  • October 14

    The Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China held a press conference for national science and technology achievement transfer and transformation demonstration zones. The Science and Technology Park of GWM was selected and included in the Jingnan National Science and Technology Achievement Transfer and Transformation Demonstration Zone in Hebei Province.

  • September

    The evaluation result of 2016 China Automobile Customer Satisfaction Index (CACSI) was released. HAVAL H6 ranked the first in "Top Ten Models with Highest Customer Selection Focus in 2016" and was the only Chinese brand included in the top ten models. HAVAL H6 also came in first in the Market Segment CACSI (China Automatic Comprehensive Satisfaction Index). HAVAL H2 was included in "Top Ten Customers’ satisfaction on SUV Brands with Selling Price of RMB 100,000 to RMB 200,000 and Level of A0", being the only Chinese brand to win this honor.

  • September 27

    The China SUV Development Trend Forum & SUV Bluebook Conference was held in Beijing and HAVAL H7 won the award of " SUV Model of 2016".

  • September 20

    Hurun Research Institute released the "2016 Hurun Brands" and GWM came in the 93th place with a brand value of RMB 9 billion, ranking in Top 100 Chinese Brands prepared by this institute for the fifth consecutive year.

  • August

    GThe list of models with top 100 global sales volumes in the first half of 2016 was released by a foreign media. HAVAL H6 was included in the SUVs with top five global sales volumes in the first half of this year, ranking the 23rd place on the overall list.

  • August 27

    The result of "Top 500 Chinese Enterprises in 2016" evaluated and selected by China Enterprise Confederation and China Enterprise Directors Association was released and GWM came in the 183rd place, with a 24-place rise when compared with that in last year.

  • July 27

    The "Research Report on China's Top 500 Machinery Manufacturers" of 2016 was issued and GWM was consecutively included in the list and ranked the 25th place with a score of 94.56.

  • July 13

    The Chinese version of Fortune, an American magazine, released the "List of Top 500 Enterprises of China in 2016". GWM ranked the 76th place, with an 18-place rise when compared with that in last year.

  • June

    GWM was included in "Top 2000 Global Listed Enterprises in 2016" of Forbes, ranking the 796th place.

  • May

    With a brand value as high as RMB 44.401 billion, GWM was consecutively included in the list of "Top 500 Most Valuable Chinese Brands" and ranked the 62nd place.

  • May 26

    GWM was consecutively included in the list of "Top 30 Chinese Automobile Enterprises" evaluated and selected by China Machinery Industry Federation and China Automotive Industry Association, ranking the 9th place. GWM was included in the list for the 12th consecutive year.

  • April

    Over passing Wuling Hongguang, HAVAL H6 ranked the first on the automobile list. This is also the first time for SUV to win the championship on the National Automobile Sales Volume List.

  • June
  • April 19

    The Insurance Association of China(IAC) and China Automotive Maintenance and Repair Trade Association(CAMRA) released the Parts-to-Whole Price Ratio of 100 models in the Chinese market, and the Parts-to-Whole Price Ratios of Haval H6 and Great Wall C30 are 182.76% and 209.66%, making them among the top ten models with the lowest automobile Parts-to-Whole Price Ratio. Furthermore, Haval H6 is the only one Chinese Brand SUV among the top ten models and also enjoys the lowest Parts-to-Whole Price Ratio of SUV with price between RMB 100,000 and 150,000.

  • April 12

    At the Chinese Automobile After Sale ServiceAssembly, GWM won the “2015 Chinese Automobile AfterSale Service Excellent Brand Award of Independent Brand ”; GWM is also the sole independent brand among the ten major automobile enterprise of Chinese Automobile After Sale Service.

  • January 12

    The Technical R&D Center GWM set up in Japan officially opened, which is not only GWM’s first overseas technology center put into operation but also a milestone for GWM in integrating global superior resources.

  • 2015

    GWM was awarded the honor of “National Excellent Enterprise Technology Center”by the National Development and Reform Commission(NDRC), ranking the 5th with a total score of 93.2, the 2nd among the automobile enterprises and the 1st among the participating enterprises in Hebei Province.

  • December

    GWM was included in the “2015 Chinese Brand Value List” with a brand coefficient of 889, ranking the first in terms of brand strength and second in terms of brand value in the aotumobile group.

  • October 9

    China Association of Quality and China National Customer Committee released the “2015 China Automobile Customer Satisfaction Index”. Haval H6 and Great Wall M4 separately won the champions for users’ satisfaction of Grade-A SUV of RMB 150,000 and below RMB 100,000; Haval Brand won the champion in terms of customer satisfaction with independent brands’ sales services.

  • September 25

    The Tula Plant invested by GWM in Russia was started for construction.

  • August

    GWM was nominated in the list of “2015 Forbes Asia-Pacific Best Launched Companies”.

  • August 22

    GWM was nominated the list of “Top 500 Chinese Enterprises” with operating revenue being RMB 62.599 billion, ranking 207th.

  • July 8

    GWM was selected into Fortune “2015 Top 500 Enterprises in China”, ranking 94th and advancing 6 positions compared with last year.

  • June 29

    Haval H2 obtained the C-NCAP Five-star with a total score of 55.7.

  • June 10

    GWM was selected into “2014 Top 30 in Automobile Industry”, ranking 10th.

  • May

    In May 2015, forbeschina.com released the "2015 Forbes Global 2000" list. Great Wall Motors was ranked 752nd, moving up 88 places from last year.

  • March

    In March 2015, the British brand valuation consultancy Brand Finance Plc released the "2015 Brand Finance Auto 100" list. Great Wall Motors made the list again, with its brand value up 15 percent. It was ranked 33rd, moving up 7 places from last year. And its brand rating rose from A+ to AA.

  • January

    In January 2015, the market survey agency--Millward Brown released the list of "2015 100 Most Valuable Chinese Brands". Great Wall Motors was ranked 61st.

  • November

    In November 2014, the Torch High Technology Industry Development Center, Ministry of Science & Technology released the list of key high-tech enterprises under Torch Program 2014. Great Wall Motors made the list.

  • November

    In November 2014, Forbes released the list of "2014 Asia Fabulous 50". Chinese enterprises came out on top and Great Wall Motors made the list as the only passenger vehicle manufacturer from China.

  • September 25

    Fortune China released the list of "2014 Most Admired Chinese Companies". Great Wall Motors moved four places up into the top 20 from last year and was ranked 17th. So far, Great Wall Motors has made the list for three consecutive years.

  • September 12

    2014 China Grand Rally (CGR) was wrapped up in Dunhuang after 13 days' competition. As a result, China's most prestigious international off-road team--Haval Team--led all the way and eventually defended the championship as expected.

  • September

    In September 2014, the China Enterprise Confederation and China Enterprise Directors Association released the list of "2014 China's Top 500 Enterprises". Great Wall Motors was ranked 214th, moving up 27 places from 2013.

  • August 25

    Great Wall Motors held the foundation-laying ceremony of its Tula plant in Uzlovaya Industrial Park, Tula Oblast, Russia. The project is exclusively funded by Great Wall Motors with a total investment of some 18 billion rubles and a total area of 2.16 million square meters. The plant's planned output will reach 150,000 units a year at full capacity. This is Chinese automakers' first vehicle plant covering four production processes in Russia as well as Great Wall Motors's first overseas all-process vehicle plant.

  • August

    In August 2014, the Research Report of 2014 "China's Top 500 Machinery Manufacturers" was released in Beijing. Great Wall Motors was ranked 26th with a score of 94.39 points, moving up three places from last year. This is the 11th consecutive year that Great Wall Motors has made the list.

  • July 14

    FORTUNEChina.com unveiled "2014 Fortune China 500". Great Wall Motors was ranked 100th with operating revenues of 56.784 billion yuan, moving 18 places up from last year. This is the fifth time that Great Wall Motors has made the list since 2010, with its place continuing to climb.

  • July

    In July 2014, Hurun Research Institute released the 2014 Hurun Brand List. Great Wall Motors was ranked 55th on the list of 2014 Most Valuable Chinese Brands of Hurun Research Institute with a brand value of 11.5 billion yuan, moving up 13 places from the previous year, and topping the list of automakers listed.

  • June 25

    The World Brand Lab (WBL) released the list of "China's 500 Most Valuable Brands" in 2014. Great Wall Motors made the list again with a brand value of 14.357 billion yuan, ranking 140th, and moving 56 places up from last year. It topped the list of Hebei's enterprises in terms of brand value and ranking.

  • May 28

    The China Machinery Industry Federation and the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers jointly released the list of "2013 China's Top 30 Automakers". Great Wall Motors made the list again with primary operating revenues of 56.784 billion yuan, ranking 10th.

  • May 8

    On May 8, forbeschina.com released the "2014 Forbes Global 2000" list.

  • April 29

    Auto China 2014 was wrapped up with the awarding ceremony of Auto China 2014 Awards supported by the Organizing Committee of Auto China 2014 and organized by media outlets such as Sohu. Great Wall Motors garnered the “Auto China Best Independent Manufacturer Award” by virtue of the strongest SUV lineup.

  • March

    British brand valuation consultancy Brand Finance Plc released the "Brand Finance Auto 100" list. , In which GWM ranked 40th and listed as the top three Chinese auto brands together with Dongfeng and SAIC.

  • February

    GWM was listed among the top ten Chinese brands most familiar to overseas consumers, and it’s the only automaker listed.

  • January

    Haval finished it’s 5th Dakar Rally Race with No. 8th over all, and registered its 1st section champion stage. So far, "Haval Dakar Team" has ranked among the top 10 in the overall rankings for three consecutive years.

  • October

    NDRC ( National Development and Reform Commission) released the appraisal result and R & D costs rankings of national certified enterprise technology center in 2013, Great Wall Motor Co., Ltd obtained 92.6 points, and was appraised as “Excellent”, ranked top 3 among China’s automakers, and claimed the title among independent auto brands. In terms of R & D costs and investment, GWM ranked 6th place among China’s automakers, and took the 1st place among independent auto brands.

  • October

    Great Wall Motors was named “2013China Top Ten Innovative Enterprise of Industrial Design” by China Industrial Design Association.

  • October23

    GWM was listed among "2013 Most Valuable Chinese Brands", GWM made the list a third time with a brand value of 3.012 billion yuan, ranking 38th, 11 places up from 2012 and registering a value growth rate of 61 percent.

  • September

    Haval Team crowned in CGR.

  • September

    Great Wall H6 won the 15th Gold Award for China Design Patent. Organized by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and evaluated by the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO).

  • August

    List of China Top 500 enterprises and Top 500 manufacturers was announced, in which Great Wall Motors ranks 241 and 115 respectively, increasing 70 and 43 compared with last year.

  • August

    Great Wall Motors was listed "Top 50 Best Listed Companies in Asia-Pacific Region for 2011".

  • August

    Great Wall Motors was named “the Advanced Collective of National Intellectual Property Strategy” by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the Office of the National Intellectual Property Strategy.

  • July

    GWM ranked among "Hurun 70 Most Valuable Brands" and "Hurun Most Valuable Chinese Auto Brands" and "Hurun 2013 China's Top 10 Characteristic Brands". Also, GWM made the list of "Hurun Most Valuable Private Brands", ranking 19th and 1st among private automakers.

  • July

    GWM was listed among Fortune China 500,ranking 118.

  • May

    GWM ranked "1st among China's Top 100 Listed Companies" upon evaluation by a listed company evaluation panel composed of enterprises and departments like China United International Holdings Co., Ltd, and the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.

  • April

    GWM won the "Award for Export Contribution" from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers and ranked among "2013 Forbes Asia Fabulous 50". GWM made Forbes Global 1000 list, ranking 957th

  • March 29

    Haval brand became independent officially, thus bringing GWM into an era of dual brand of Haval and Great Wall.

  • March 25

    GWM made its debut at Bangkok International Motor Show as the only Chinese auto brand.

  • January

    At the "Awarding Ceremony for Annual Exports of over 1,000,000 Vehicles & Annual Conference of the Coordination Committee on International Trade in the Automobile Industry", GWM won the " Export Contribution Award ".

  • January

    GWM was accredited as a national model enterprise for in-depth integration of informatization and industrialization by Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT).

  • January

    Two Haval racecars competed in the 2013 Dakar Rally, and finished 6th and 19th overall, equaling the best record of Chinese team.

  • December 5

    The world leading general brand strategy consulting and design company--Interbrand unveiled "2012 Most Valuable Chinese Brands" in Beijing. GWM made the list again after 2011, ranking 49th with a value of 1.871 billion US dollars, up 5 percent.

  • November 29

    At the China's auto industry circulation annual conference, GWM was listed among "Top 10 Most Satisfactory Auto Brands for Distributors" as the only independent automaker.

  • November 22

    M4-SF was launched during China (Guangzhou) International Automobile Exhibition.

  • November 8

    Wei Jianjun, GWM’s Chairman attended the 18th CPC National Congress in Beijing as the only private entrepreneur delegate from Hebei Province.

  • November 5

    The signing ceremony for GWM-Dassault strategic cooperation took place in Baoding, making GWM the first independent automaker in strategic partnership with Dassault Systèmes.

  • October 30

    GWM concluded a strategic cooperation agreement with 3M. Under the agreement, the two sides will deepen technical cooperation in key fields including interior trim parts, ambient lamps and shock-absorbing & noise-reducing products.

  • October 20

    National Business Daily released the "List of 2012 Popular Chinese Listed Companies". GWM made the list as the only automaker.

  • September

    GWM's project of "Independent R & D of Haval H3/H5 Series and High-performance Diesel Engines for Passenger Vehicles" and project of "R & D and Application of Automatic Flexible Body Welding Line" won the first prize and the second prize respectively for progress in science and technology in China's auto industry in 2012.

  • September

    The China Enterprise Confederation and China Enterprise Directors Association released the list of "2012 China's Top 500 Enterprises". GWM ranked 311th. Meanwhile, it ranked 158th and 103rd among "China's Top 500 Manufacturers" and "China's Top 200 Profit-making Enterprises" respectively.

  • September 4

    GWM concluded a strategic cooperation agreement with Schaeffler AG.

  • September

    GWM was listed among "2012 China's Top 50 Best-Performing Companies" by Global Entrepreneur as the only independent automaker, ranking 4th and 9th respectively on the Profit Growth List and the ROA List.

  • September

    "Forbes Asia's 50 FAB Companies 2012" were unveiled. GWM ranked 16th.

  • September

    The Hurun Research Institute has recently released 2012 Hurun Brand List featuring 100 China’s most valuable brands. GWM made the list for the first time, ranking 78th. Also, it appeared on Hurun Private Brand List again, ranking 27th on the list and 1st among private automakers.

  • August 31

    GWM was listed among "Forbes Asia's 50 FAB Companies" again, ranking 16th.

  • August 24

    GWM released the semiannual business report for 2012. In the first six months of 2012, GWM achieved a net profit of 2.354 billion yuan, a total profit of 2.855 billion yuan and an EPS of 0.77 yuan, up 29.91 percent, 30.90 percent and 16.67 percent year on year respectively. In the first half of 2012, GWM registered an operating profit of 2.811 billion yuan, up 31.76 percent year on year.

  • August 19

    GWM’s Advancing Conference of "Winning at Terminals" took place in Beijing grandly, bringing together over 1,500 dealers and service providers from all over the country. "Reforming marketing modes, winning at terminals" was the core subject of the conference.

  • August 8

    GWM concluded the EVI technical strategy cooperation agreement with Ansteel Group.

  • July 31

    At a donation-raising gala for flood fighting and disaster relief in Baoding, GWM donated 10 million yuan to the affected area hit by "July 21" floods.

  • July 17

    GWM's Chilean distributor Derco held the launch ceremony for Great Wall C10 at Santiago, capital of Chile.

  • June

    In the 2012 Investment Value and Evaluation Report of Chinese Automakers released by the China Automobile Industry Economic Research Institute, GWM topped the "List of Automaker Investment Potential" and ranked 4th on the "List of Automaker Investment Value".

  • June

    Fort he first time, GWM made the list of "2011 China’s Top 100 Listed Companies" presented by Warton Economic Institute and China Business Time, ranking 69th with a total profit of 4.131 billion yuan.

  • June 11

    The results of Asian Auto Industry Awards 2012 were released in Malaysia. GWM's Great Wall H5 won the award for "Best Local SUV Assembly". This is the first time for Chinese brands to win the award over the five years since Asian Auto Industry Awards were set up.

  • June 7

    The closing ceremony of "2012 China-Russia Tourism Year" Beijing-Moscow self-driving tour took place on the Red Square in Moscow. Meanwhile, the Silk Way Rally kicked off. GWM sponsored 11 vehicles as media vehicles for the rally.

  • June 2

    GWM concluded a strategic agreement with the German automotive parts maker Hella. Under the agreement, the two sides will carry out cooperation and irregular technical exchanges in synchronous design in fields such as body electronic module.

  • June 20

    GWM undertook 2012 Conference on Proving Ground Function and Technology Development. Organized by the Automotive Proving Ground Branch of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, under the theme of "Proving ground function and technology development", the conference covered proving ground design and construction, and how to promote the development of the auto industry.

  • June 5

    2012 "Beijing-Moscow" self-driving tour organized by "World without Borders" and sponsored by GWM kicked off. GWM was the exclusive sponsor brand for "China-Russia Tourism Year".

  • May

    Great Wall C30 and Wingle 3 rolled off line in GWM's two assembly plants in Iran, marking that Iran has become one of GWM's key overseas markets.

  • May 31

    GWM and Minth concluded a strategic cooperation agreement. Under the agreement, the two sides will expand the cooperation in synchronous design and development of products like door frame and glass guide on the basis of the cooperation in existing products.

  • May 23

    GWM showed up at Kyiv International Motor Show, launching Great Wall H6 and Great Wall C50 in Ukraine successfully.

  • May 23

    M4 was launched with a bungee-like extreme stunt show.

  • May 19

    The 2nd GWM’s Science & Technology Festival took place, covering 12 sectors including powertrain, new energy, chassis and complete vehicle performance, with over 280 exhibits. The festival drew close attention from industrial experts and the media.

  • May 10

    GWM concluded a strategic cooperation agreement with world-famous auto glass maker Fuyao. Under the agreement, the two sides will, on the basis of auto glass purchase, deepen the cooperation in the synchronous design and development of products.

  • April 24

    GWM Annual Overseas Distributor Conference 2012 opened in Beijing, bringing together 300 overseas distributors from nearly 80 countries.

  • April 23

    Themed as "Focus, Dedication, Specialization", GWM showed up at 2012 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition with a strongest-ever lineup of 19 vehicles, 6 engines and 2 transmissions.

  • April 15

    On the eve of 2012 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, a delegation led by Miao Wei, minister of industry and information technology visited GWM.

  • April 6

    GWM concluded a strategic cooperation agreement with China Unicom in Baoding. Under the agreement, China Unicom will become GWM's exclusive communication partner in the field of auto information service.

  • March 20

    The Ministry of Education and the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine held an on-site meeting on the construction of social practice bases for quality education of primary and secondary schools in the country. GWM became such a base.

  • February 22

    GWM concluded a strategic cooperation agreement with Posco at its premise.

  • February 21

    GWM's KD plant in Bulgaria went into operation as the first KD assembly plant built by a Chinese auto brand in the EU, marking the launch of the only auto assembly plant in Bulgaria.

  • February 9

    GWM concluded a cooperation agreement with Total Lubricants in Baoding. The two sides proposed three-year cooperation worldwide.

  • January

    Two Haval racecars competed in the 2012 Dakar Rally, and finished 6th and 19th overall respectively, equaling the best record of Chinese teams.

  • January 17

    Haval H6 was honored as "CCTV 2011 Independent SUV".

  • December 20

    The sales of Haval SUV topped 600,000 units first. The delivery ceremony for the 600,000th unit took place at GWM's headquarters in Baoding.

  • December 12

    Haval H6 won the award for "Chinese SUV of 2012" known as the "Auto Oscar" from Motor Trend.

  • November 21

    Great Wall C50 equipped with 1.5 T turbocharged engine independently developed by GWM was launched in Guangzhou.

  • October

    The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine allowed two Haval models to be exempt from export inspection.

  • September 28

    GWM returned to the A-share market as the first private automaker listed in both Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland.

  • September 27

    GWM's KD plant in Malaysia went into production.

  • September 24

    GWM's independently developed small-displacement turbocharged engine 1.5T (4G15T) went into mass production.

  • September 16

    Wu Bangguo, chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, visited GWM's booth during his attendance in the inaugural ceremony of the Greenwood World Trade Center in Moscow.

  • September

    "Great Wall C30" and " Great Wall C20R" won the EU Whole Vehicle Type Approval (WVTA).

  • September

    GWM was honored as a "National Advanced Entity in Quality Work".

  • September

    GWM ranked among Interbrand "Most Valuable Chinese Brands" for the first time.

  • September

    GWM made the list of "Forbes Asia’s 50 FAB Companies 2011", ranking 21st.

  • September 3

    "China's Top 500 Enterprises" were unveiled. GWM ranked 264th, 81 places up from the previous year.

  • August 25

    GWM's Tianjin manufacturing base went into operation, launching the first intelligent SUV--Haval H6, marking a substantial step of the independent auto brand in its development.

  • August 10

    GWM won the AAA credit certificate for Chinese auto exporters as the first group of certified Chinese automakers.

  • July 20

    GWM's KD plant in Senegal went into production.

  • July

    GWM got an order for 2,000 Wingle pickups from Italy, setting a precedent for Chinese diesel pickups to enter the EU market.

  • May 27

    The Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry & Commerce released an announcement, accrediting GWM as a "Renowned Chinese Trademark".

  • May 16

    The "1st GWM’s Science & Technology Festival" took place, covering 9 sectors including power, transmission, production, R & D, interior & exterior trim, chassis, rubber, electrical parts and equipment, with over 165 exhibits. The festival drew close attention from the industry and media.

  • April 19

    GWM participated in Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition to demonstrate the "Great Wall of the world". "GWM Overseas Distributors Convention" was held at the same time.

  • March

    GWM (2333.HK) released the business report for 2010, registering operating revenues of 22.175 billion yuan, up 78.9 percent, coming out top among independent automakers in terms of business quality.

  • March

    Ricardo (U.K) signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation with GWM.

  • January

    The competitor Zhou Yong steering Haval racecar finished 22nd overall in the 2011 Dakar Rally, ranking first among all Chinese competitors.

  • January

    Great Wall C30 was crowned "CCTV Compact Passenger Vehicle of 2010". It achieved sales of over 10,000 units for three consecutive months after its launch and 25,000 units in December, and establishing its title of the "family car champion".

  • December

    GWM showed up at Bologna Motor Show in Italy, drawing worldwide attention.

  • December 23

    GWM unveiled new models including Haval M3, Haval H6 and Great Wall C50 yet to be launched at China (Guangzhou) International Automobile Exhibition, announcing the launch of Haval H5-AT.

  • November

    "4D20" was listed among "China Heart 2010 Top 10 Engines" and "Top 10 Green Internal Combustion Engine & Diesel Engine Brands" by authorities.

  • October

    4D20-powered Haval H5 was test-driven in Inner Mongolia, and launched across the country successively.

  • October

    Phase 2 of GWM's passenger vehicle manufacturing base project commenced.

  • October

    The cornerstone-laying ceremony for "Great Wall New Technology Center" with a total investment of 5 billion yuan took place on Chaoyang South Street, Baoding City.

  • October

    GW4C20 gasoline engine was ignited successfully at Great Wall Power Research Institute.

  • October

    The launch conference for "4D20" diesel engine which ranks first in "emission, power, noise and energy consumption" and has won 15 national patents took place in Baoding, marking a major breakthrough in Chinese diesel engines for passenger vehicles.

  • September

    GWM won the bronze prize of "2010 China Outstanding Marketing Award".

  • September

    GWM was listed among "China's Top 500 Enterprises" again, 135 places up from 2009, thus becoming the fastest-growing enterprise among the automakers listed.

  • September 4

    Wingle pickup competed in "2010 China Urban Vehicle Oil-Saving Challenge", setting a record of 2.56L/100km for fuel consumption.

  • September 3

    The launch ceremony for the independent-branded high-end SUV--Haval H5-T took place in Beijing.

  • August

    "Great Wall Motors made in China" brand launch conference took place. Journalists with mainstream media visited GWM for interviews, witnessing GWM's independent innovation development and changes. Famous journalists with media outlets like the Xinhua News Agency, CCTV and People's Daily as well as renowned bloggers wrote about GWM. "Made in China" became a hot topic among the media and industrial experts, and Great Wall Motors become a byword for "made in China".

  • August

    Cowry was renamed Great Wall V80 and launched officially.

  • August

    GWM was listed among "China's Top 500 Machinery Manufacturers" for the 7th time.

  • July 29

    The cornerstone-laying ceremony for "Great Wall Motor Xushui Parts Industry Park" with a total investment of 16 billion yuan took place.

  • July

    GWM finished 1st overall in 2010 China Dongchuan Mud Flow Autocross, 1st in the diesel category and 1st in the category of Diesel Vehicle Club Cup.

  • June

    The first Chinese independent SUV that won Whole Vehicle Type Approval (WVTA)--Haval H5-E was launched nationwide.

  • June

    GWM made the list of "China's 500 Most Valuable Brands" released by the World Brand Lab (WBL), with a brand value of 4.704 billion yuan. Since 2007, GWM has made the list for four consecutive years.

  • June

    Three Florid 1.3AMT models were included in the catalogue of energy-conserving product popularization under the project "energy-conserving products benefiting people".

  • June 25

    Li Keqiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Central Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and vice premier of the State Council, conducted a survey on GWM's development.

  • May 20

    Wingle 5 competed in the Desert Challenge that took place in Ordos, setting a precedent for comprehensive performance testing in the pickup industry.

  • May 12

    The signing ceremony for GWM's new 300,000 unit/y passenger vehicle project took place in Tianjin.

  • April 28

    GWM ranked among "2009 China's Top 30 Automakers in Primary Business Revenues"

  • April 23

    At Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, GWM declared the brand slogan of "Great Wall Motors made in China" for the first time. "New king of Class A family car"—Great Wall C30 was unveiled and launched at the exhibition.

  • March 18

    The launch conference for China's first small-displacement "family SUV"--Haval M2 took place in Beijing.

  • March

    Sailor and SoCool pickup’s production halted, henceforth GWM began to shift its focus to Wingle series.

  • March

    Wingle 5, the highest-end pickup in China's pickup industry, was launched.

  • January 15

    Haval H3 Diesel – Comfortable was launched nationwide, hitting a record low diesel SUV price and establishing the outstanding cost efficient advantage.

  • January 15

    The 700,000th Great Wall vehicles rolled offline. The "miracle of Great Wall" adds important weight to "No.1 Pickup Brand in China".

  • January

    Haval SUV "Loong Racing Car" made its debut in the Dakar Rally on behalf of Chinese independent auto brands, and completed the race.


    The 0.7 millionth Great Wall pickup left the production line, which symbolize a brand new era for China's pickups.

  • December

    Coolbear CVT was launched.

  • November

    The departure ceremony for Haval to compete in the "2010 Dakar Rally" on behalf of China auto took place.

  • November 23

    At China (Guangzhou) International Automobile Exhibition, GWM showed up with 15 models, including 11 major vehicles, 4 reserve vehicles and 2 engines. Brand new sport car - Great Wall C10 was launched at the exhibition.

  • October 31

    The 1st Pickup Culture Festival took place in Boao, Hainan Province. At the festival, GWM released China Pickup White Paper.

  • October 22

    GWM held a press conference, announcing that Haval will compete in the 2010 Dakar Rally on behalf of China, marking the debut of Chinese vehicles in the rally.

  • October

    GWM unveiled Cowry MPV AT and launched it nationwide.

  • September 16

    Haval M1 was launched magically at Beijing's Happy Valley.

  • September 8

    Florid, Coolbear, Haval and Wingle won Whole Vehicle Type Approval (WVTA), marking a milestone in GWM's independent brand development.

  • September 2

    Florid CVT was launched at Beijing Songzhuang Original Art Center.

  • August

    GWPeri and Florid CROSS were launched nationwide to satisfy customers' individual demands.

  • April 22

    GWM released three category brands at Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition and exhibited three high-end models, thus entering a new stage of brand development.

  • April

    Wingle Fortune was launched nationwide and sold for 66,800 yuan.

  • March

    The first batch of Coolbear was launched in the areas like Chengdu, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Kunming, Ningbo, Hangzhou, Xi'an and Ningxia, and was launched in the rest of the country till May.

  • February 20

    "Pioneer the era of fine small-displacement all-aluminum VVT engines"--the VVT launch conference took place at GWM's headquarters. Florid was powered by a small-displacement all-aluminum VVT engine for the first time.

  • February 10

    GWM’s Haval SUV manufactured at GWM's assembly plant in Vietnam rolled offline and was launched in Vietnam.

  • February 6

    The cornerstone-laying ceremony for "GWM's automotive parts and logistics export project" took place at Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area.

  • November 6

    Florid was launched.

  • October 10

    New Haval powered by 2.5TCI diesel engine jointly developed by GWM and Bosch was launched.

  • May 13

    The car engine plant of GWM Auto Power Division was inaugurated and two all-aluminum VVT engines rolled offline.

  • April 28

    GWM won May 1 Labor Certificate

  • April 8

    GWM's safety laboratory was launched. On the same day, GWPeri and Cowry MPV passed first domestic frontal collision test.

  • March 22

    GWM's independently developed transmission was trial-manufactured successfully.

  • November 7

    GWM's care qualification was approved.

  • October 29

    The 200,000 units/y manufacturing base was completed; GWPeri and Cowry rolled offline; and GWM released its new logo across the world.

  • October 12

    "GWM Technology Center" was accredited as a national corporate technical center.

  • June 2

    GWM headed the list of China's top 10 listed automakers.

  • May 18

    GWM increased issues of H shares in Hong Kong, with its growth potential recognized by international capital.

  • March 28

    President Hu Jintao gave an important instruction to GWM.

  • December 18

    Great Wall Wingle rolled offline as China's first global high-end pickup.

  • September

    Haval was exported to Italy, setting a record of batch export to the EU among China’s independent brands.

  • August

    INTEC diesel engine with independent intellectual property right went into mass production.

  • July

    GWM was accredited as a "National Vehicle Export Base".

  • August 24

    Great Wall Motors held “Wolf and Rabbit Action” kick-off meeting.

  • July 1

    The cornerstone-laying ceremony for the Phase 3 200,000 units/y car manufacturing base of Great Wall Motor Industry Park took place.

  • March 6

    Great Wall Motors production base with annual capacity of 100,000 units was finished and Hover CUV was put into production.


    GWM introduced lean production management, and created the cultural concept of GLM.


    GWM was listed among “China's Top 500 Enterprises” for the first time


    GWM was listed among "China's Top 10 Listed Private Enterprises" and headed the list of "Hebei's Top 100 Private Enterprises".


    GWM’s pickup ranked first in sales in the Chinese pickup market for the seventh consecutive year. GWM's SUV ranked first in sales in the Chinese SUV market for the second consecutive year


    GWM's pickup and SUV outperformed other similar Chinese products in terms of exports for the seventh consecutive year.


    The first group of joint ventures to settle in the Phase 2 parts base broke construction.

  • December 15

    GWM became the first domestic private automaker listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

  • May 19

    The cornerstone-laying ceremony for the Phase 1 100,000 unit/y vehicle base of Great Wall Motor Industry Park took place. GWM's pickup and SUV products became more diversified. Sing RUV, Pegasus SUV and SoCool pickup went into production successively.

  • September 2

    Great Wall Motor Technology Research Institute was established. The enterprise practiced 28 norms.

  • May 26

    Safe SUV set a precedent for China's economy SUV, ranking among the top 3 in the Chinese SUV market.

  • June 12

    Great Wall Motor Company Limited was established through restructuring. Sailor pickup went into production.

  • June 18

    Great Wall Internal Combustion Engine Manufacturing Company Limited was established as the earliest with core power among independent brands.

  • January 18

    GWM established the holding subsidiary--Baoding Great Wall Huabei Automotive Co., Ltd.

  • October 28

    The offline ceremony for GWM's 10,000th pickup brought homemade pickup to a climax


    Great Wall pickup ranked 1st in sales in domestic pickup market for the first time


    Great Wall Deer ranked top in sales in the pickup market.


    GWM established a marketing service network of 200 service outlets and took the lead in the country to practice the distributor mode.


    The 1st batch of Great Wall pickups was exported to the Middle East, raising the curtain of globalization of Chinese automobile.

  • March 5

    The 1st Great Wall Deer pickup rolled offline.

  • January

    "Improving little by little every day" became GWM's corporate spirit..


    GWM began to manufacture Great Wall light-duty passenger & cargo vehicles.


    GWM grew rapidly with its annual sales redoubled for the fourth consecutive year.

  • July 1

    Wei Jianjun took up the post of general manager of Great Wall Motor Industry Company.


    Great Wall Motor manufacturing plant was founded.