Great Wall Motors was Awarded with the “2016 Brilliant Automobile After-sales Service in China”

Category:News Publish:2017-03-21

On March 14th, the Sixth Automobile After-sales Service Conference, named as “Creative Idea 4.0 Era” and sponsored by Global Auto and Automobile & Human Web, was held in Beijing, during which GWM was awarded with the “2016 Brilliant Automobile After-sales Service in China”. 

During the conference, the Report on After-sales Service of Chinese Automobile Market in 2016 was released. The report shows that the total complaints in 2016 were 126,200, among which complaint to joint-venture brands accounts for 62.42% while that to proprietary brands accounts for 34.54% and the joint venture brands remains the hardest hit. As for the percentage of complaints to different vehicle types, SUV and compact cars take the largest proportion. Besides, the fastest growth of complain was among SUV models.

However, GWM, as an enterprise with the highest sales volume and market share in SUV industry, won the title of “2016 Brilliant Automobile After-sales Service in China”. During the Fifth Automobile After-sales Service Conference, GWM won the title of “2015 Excellent Proprietary Brand of Automobile After-sales Service in China”, becoming the only proprietary brand in the top 10 best automobile after-sales service brands in China.  

It didn’t come singly but in pairs. On the same day, Automobile Quality Web, a third-party evaluation platform for automobile quality, and Kairui Saichi, an advisory agency, released the Investigation Report on the Satisfaction Degree of Passenger Vehicles’ After-sales Service in China in 2017. It can be noted from the report that HAVAL was ranked as the first among other proprietary brands for its high customer satisfaction degree of after-sales service with a score of 798. 

In recent years, GWM has been working with “Customer Satisfaction” as the evaluation criterion. To improve the customer satisfaction degree, we have transformed the marketing service in an innovative way. All of us attach great importance to this goal by focusing human, financial, and material resources on “Customer Satisfaction”. Improving customer satisfaction degree has become a core index for evaluating our dealers and a strategic direction of the enterprise development.

Since 2012, GWM’s terminal activities, designed to improve sales service and operational quality, have been executed for eight times. Those activities have stimulated the dealers’ independent innovative thinking, promoted the quality and terminal image in marketing, service, accesses, as well as network, and helped set up special standards and criterions. 

With national-wide coverage of sales service network, stable operation, standard management and excellent service, HAVAL can be regarded as the benchmark in this industry. Due to the powerful and strong network, the first-class sales and after-sales service are provided to the customers and get widespread recognition from the customers. 

In 2016, the grand total sales volume of GWM is 1.0745 million, with a year-on-year growth of 26.01%. That is to say, we outperformed the yearly plan for sales volume. Among those, the HAVAL SUV accounts for almost 90% of the sales volume, becoming the best-selling SUV in China for 14 consecutive years. 

In the future, GWM will continue to implement the strategies of “Market-Leading” and “Customer Satisfaction”, provide honest management and faithful service and offer the customers a good sense of value and surprises in the whole life cycle of the auto, which make HAVAL the leading SUV globally and GWM the most dynamic auto manufacturer in the world.