Haval H6 and H2 Won the First Prize in 2017 CACSI Evaluation Results

Category:News Publish:2017-09-27

On September 20, National Users' Committee of China Association for Quality (CAQ) released 2017 CACSI evaluation results in Beijing.

Haval H6, a star model and sales champion of SUV, again occupied the first place of CACSI among RMB 100,000 ~ 150,000 A-level SUVs. Haval H6 hasgot the CACSI champion in this market segment for three consecutive years.

Since Haval H6 has appeared on the market in 2011, Havel H6 has been closely following the market changes and introducing very competitive new models and facelift models, forming a rich product series to meet different demands of consumers and hitting nearly 2 million cumulative sales. In April this year, Haval H6 has been completely rejuvenated and has brought great surprises to its customers with its strong product power, and thus has been widely recognized in the market. By the end of August 2017, Haval H6 won the Chinese SUV sales champion for cumulative 53 months.

Haval brand's another SUV, Haval H2, also got the first prize of CACSI among RMB 80,000 - 100,000 Grade-A0 SUVs. This is another achievement of Haval H2 in CACSI after it was included in “CACSI Top Ten of RMB 100,000-200,000 Grade-A0 SUVs” last year. By the end of August, Haval H2 achieved monthly sales over 10,000 for consecutive 34 months and hit 500,000 cumulative sales, becoming the top runner in the small-sized SUV market segment.

In addition, the Haval brand also won the second prize in terms of 2017 independent brand after-sales service satisfaction index and the second prize in terms of independent brand sales service satisfaction index. This shows that Haval has a high customer awareness and a pacesetting service level.

”Li Gaoshuai, CAQ Deputy Secretary General, pointed out that "in recent years, independent brands have strengthened their technological research and development based on demands of the market and users. They also have strengthened advantages accumulation from the SUV market, taken the route of single high-quality product, and ultimately won the market and users.

Undoubtedly, the Great Wall Motor (GWM), adhering to focusing strategy and focusing on SUV market segment, is the most powerful representative among those independent brands. Through focusing, GWM makes the SUV market segment its mainstream market, SUV models have become leading product of Chinese brands, and Haval has become the undoubted top runner in the SUV market. In 2016, Haval led China's independent brands in the field of SUV to achieve a big turn, with the independent brand SUV’s market share reaching as high as 58.2%, creating the best ever record.

It is noteworthy that Haval's focus is not only reflected on the product level, but also on the service level - in recent years, GWM has established the work objective taking the "customer satisfaction" as the evaluation standard, to enhance customer satisfaction through innovating the marketing services. In GWM, all works have been carried out to realize this goal, with all people, properties and materials fully utilized. Enhancing customer satisfaction has become the core indicator to measure the dealer and strategic direction of enterprise development. It can be said that for GWM and its dealers, nothing is more important than "the pursuit of customer satisfaction and surprise”.

In the future, Haval will, as always, work hard on product quality, take safety as the core competitiveness of its brand, be strict with itself with the most stringent safety standards and on the other hand, further improve service quality, enhance customer viscosity, build a better brand image, and enhance its brand premium capacity.