HAVAL H7 Won Treble Champions in CCPC

Category:News Publish:2017-10-11

On September 24, CCPC 2017 was perfectly concluded at Dafeng Station. After two days of fierce competition, HAVAL H7 won treble champions in the group of medium and large-sized SUVs, i.e. the Comprehensive Group Champion, the Wet Road Surface Performance Champion and the Energy-saving Champion under Long-distance and High-speed Conditions, showing its outstanding performance and quality. 

China Car Performance Challenge (CCPC) is a National level A race jointly promoted by China Automotive Technology Research Center and General Administration of Sport of China, and is also the only competition of mass-produced cars without any refitting in China. After strict screening from multiple aspects like word of mouth and sales volume, totally 40 auto brands gained the qualification to participate in the competition. CCPC is known as the "Olympics of Mass-produced Cars of China" in the automobile industry. With its good market and product performance, HAVAL H7 entered the competition of CCPC and enjoyed widespread favor.

Since its debut in the market, HAVAL H7 was concerned by people from all walks of life and became the first medium-sized SUV with monthly sales topping ten thousand among China’s independent auto brands. By virtue of its excellent product and brand competitiveness, HAVAL H7 was honorably included in the "National Brand Plan". Its performance in CCPC is sufficient to prove its outstanding performance and quality. 

Defeating Other Competitors and Wining Honor with Its Strength CCPC

In the final group competition of CCPC at Dafeng Pit Stop, HAVAL H7 defeated other competitors in the high-speed condition and long-distance challenge and easily won the champion with its fuel consumption performance of 9.64 L/100 Km ahead of other joint venture models like Highlander. This is because HAVAL H7 is equipped with a 2.0T dual-channel direct-injection engine and 6-speed wet DCT (GETRAG). The perfect match between the engine and transmission delivers outstanding power for HAVAL H7, and allows it to accelerate from 0 km/h to 100 km/h within 9.3 seconds only. In addition, this model also has good fuel efficiency.


In the 80-0 Km/h emergency brake challenge on wet road surface, HAVAL H7, with a braking distance of 28.4m, won the title from other competitors. It was also ahead of joint venture models like Dongfeng Peugeot 5008. In the entry-level SUV group competition, thanks to multiple advantages HAVAL H7 won the highest group award — the Comprehensive Group Champion. 

Based on an open, transparent and uniform contest environment and independent, fair and third-party platform, CCPC provides a good competition stage for on-sale mass-produced cars of China. With its own strength, HAVAL H7 set an example for the progress of Chinese car enterprises, and also provided important purchase reference for car consumers.

Responding to Consumers' Demands and Satisfying Them with Good Products

Responding to the market demand, HAVAL H7 is committed to become a medium-sized SUV that can satisfy consumers. In addition to its performance and quality superiority to other brands at the same level, HAVAL H7 is also praiseworthy for its space and safety. 

The 5-seat HAVAL H7 model is designed with a body of golden ratio (4700 mm*1925 mm*1718mm) and an extra-long wheel base of 2850mm, not only providing a roomy interior space, but also increasing the body stability. As for the HAVAL H7L model, it is designed with an extra-large body (4900mm*1925mm*1785mm); the body width of nearly 2m will provide a large transverse space for consumers; the 7-seat layout (2 seats in the first row, 3 seats in the second row and 2 seats in the third row) and the frontward/backward long-distance free movement of seats in the second row allow the maximum utilization of interior space; with the extra-long wheel base of 2850mm, a comfortable riding space can be ensured between seats in the second and third rows. 

This year, HAVAL H7 won five stars in 2017 C-NCAP collision rating with a high score of 57.4 and its safety score was higher than multiple models like Audi A4L, Jeep Renegade and Hyundai Elantra. As a synthesizer of HAVAL SUV safety technology, HAVAL H7 is equipped with as many as 17 safety systems, including blind spot detection system (BSD), lane change assist system (LCA), CTA system, lane departure warning system, lane keeping assist system, TPMS, driving fatigue detection system, parking assist system, and 360° panoramic view system, thus providing all-around and spatial protection for the car owner. 

In addition, the frame of HAVAL H7 applies high-strength steel panel (accounting for 68% of the steel panel volume for the complete vehicle), thermal forming steel panel (12% of the same) and galvanized steel panel (64% of the same). Both front and rear parts of the car are installed with high-strength anti-collision steel beams and the rear beam is made of aluminum alloy. All these configurations allow HAVAL H7 to be firm and pressure resistant, making family members of the owner relieved. 

Both the race performance and market performance of HAVAL H7 can prove the excellent product competitiveness of HAVAL SUV to the public and the constant appeal for consumer benefits, highlighting the strong power of China's independent auto brands and the enterprise's sense of responsibility.