Blooming in the Desert – HAVAL's New Marketing "Storm" in Saudi Arabia

Category:News Publish:2017-12-25

Since the formal opening of the first HAVAL exclusive shop in Saudi Arabia, local consumers have learned more about the HAVAL brand. Recently, the distributor ADMC has continued to take this opportunity and utilize the advantages of HAVAL H2 to provide special offer of HAVAL H2 as prizes to increase the exposure of the HAVAL brand and the exclusive shop and promote a new round of marketing activity.

The lottery promotion was implemented by the Saudi distributor ADMC in the local DMC shopping mall by utilizing the group resources in combination with other brands. The warm-up activity was started in the period from July to September. In this period, the Saudi dealer publicized the lottery promotion by putting up posters through a total of more than 600 on-line/off-line branches via the Internet, shopping malls and other brand sales shops. Meanwhile, 20 HAVAL H2 were packaged and displayed outdoors and in the shopping mall. By this means, HAVAL H2 drew attention of the public in a short time, accumulating popularity for the HAVAL brand.

With this 3-month warm-up activity, the lottery promotion attracted many consumers to participate. On the very day of lottery activity, the Saudi distributor invited local government officials and relevant media to jointly witness this momentous occasion. A total of 20 lucky users received a free HAVAL H2 each on that day.


For HAVAL H2, these lottery winners said that at their first sight of the HAVAL H2, they were attracted by its charming appearance and exquisite workmanship and gained more comprehensive and profound understanding of HAVAL's professional SUV quality. 


At present, the second HAVAL exclusive shop has been set up in Dammam and begins trial operation, and the third HAVAL exclusive shop will be set up in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, by the end of December. HAVAL will hold a brand launch conference in January 2018. By then, HAVAL's sales and service network in Saudi Arabia will have been gradually improved to provide Saudi consumers with purchase options of high-quality cars from HAVAL and Great Wall.