At Auto Shanghai 2011, the exhibition stand of Great Wall Motors becomes the hot focus of the media

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At present, the 14th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition (Auto Shanghai 2011) is under the way. Themed of “Innovation for Tomorrow” and with 1,100 exhibition vehicles including 75 world premiere vehicles, Auto Shanghai 2011 is one of the world largest and most influential auto shows this year.

As the representative of China’s independent brands, Great Wall Motors is undoubtedly the attraction focus of the media. At 9:30 a.m., April 19th, the Auto Shanghai 2011 press conference of Great Wall Motors was held on schedule. The President of Great Wall Motors Wang Fengying, the Vice President of Great Wall Motors Huang Yong, Jai Yaquan, Dong Ming, and Zhao Guoqing, the General Manager of Ries & Ries Focusing Consultants (China) Zhang Yun, the speed racer Zhou Yong, and more than 300 overseas distributors friends from more than 60 countries and regions around the world took part in this new conference and more than 400 media from home and abroad witnessed this glorious moment. President Wang Fengying delivered a wonderful speech at the press conference and afterwards the video of global distributors was broadcast live. At the press conference, Zhou Yong took over the flag of “China Team” for the expedition of Dakar Rally 2012. On the same day of Auto Show 2011, the “Global Distributor Conference of Great Wall Motors” was held.

Chairman Wei Jianjun receives interview from CCTV

After the press conference, the Chairman Wei Jianjun received the interview from multiple media including CCTV and on site and President Wang Fengying received the joint interview from the mainstream media and held talks with multiple overseas distributors. Other leaders also received the on-site interview from media respectively, which greatly pushed the influence expansion of Great Wall Motors.

President Wang Fengying and multiple foreign media.

At the start of press conference, the Great Wall Motors exhibition stand was inundated with media from home and abroad and the domestic and overseas distributors of Great Wall Motors. At that moment when the Haval IF, the world premiere vehicle of Great Wall Motors, was unveiled, even the workers from neighboring exhibition stands were attracted for sightseeing. The vehicles traveling like a flying dragon rendered by special effects, the foreigners with different skin colors, the models with wings, and especially the impressive exhibition vehicles including Haval IF attracted many audiences to carefully appreciate the exhibition vehicles after the press conference. The high tide of the conference lasted for almost one hour.

This exhibition of Great Wall Motors is themed of “The Great Wall of the World”. On the spectacular double-deck exhibition stand, 20 vehicle models including 6 core power models are exhibited. Amongst the exhibition vehicles, 9 vehicles are brand new models, namely Haval H6, Haval M4, Voleex C20R, 2011 Voleex C30, and Voleex C50, which will be put into market in succession within this year. The high-end concept vehicles exhibited include high-end commercial SUV (Haval IF), Voleex C70, and high-end Wingle pickup (Wingle CL). The new energy vehicle Voleex C20EV is also exhibited. To demonstrate the manufacture capability of Great Wall Motors, three special vehicles including power system platform for extended range electric vehicle, the Haval chassis exhibition vehicle, and Haval SUV Loong Racing car are also exhibited.

In addition, the exhibition stand of Great Wall Motors embodies the quality characteristics and internationalized thinking in the details. Firstly, the giant LOGO composed of the smiling faces of global distributors enables each audience visiting the exhibition stand of Great Wall Motors to recognize at the first sight the evidences of Great Wall Motors’ sales to the entire world. Several workers wearing the professional car wash clothing appear at times in front of the exhibition vehicles for elaborate wiping and maintenance. The touch-screen is used for the front board of each exhibition vehicles and the novel hanging display is utilized for the extended range power platform. These tiny details indicate the Great Wall Motors’ vehicle manufacture concept of focusing on internationalization and professionalization.

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