In-Depth Decryption of Wingle 6

Category:News Publish:2014-04-26
The pickup is famous for its excellent practical performance, as it won’t let you down while transporting or driving through muddy country roads. The Great Wall pickup is leading the Chinese market of pickups and also the starting product and main model for Great Wall. It has a history of 18 years and created a legend of 16 consecutive years as the sales champion in China. After years of constant technical renovation, a new high-end smart pickup - Wingle 6 - has been released to the Chinese market while beginning its journey to overseas markets. Now please follow my description to feel the excitement generated by this model.

Powerful appearance and fashionable elements

Pickups always gave me the impression that they are a kind of informal model focusing on practical needs. Their appearances often do not have so many bright spots. But when I saw Wingle 6, this inherent impression was changed. A variety of stylish designs have been used in the vehicle's appearance. Its overall style is more like the Great Wall SUV style. The whole contour has some curves for external expansion. Features such as LED daytime running lights and a large-sized chrome grille which often only appear on sedans can also be found on the Great Wall Wingle 6. Moreover, it also has high mounted LED stop lamps and frameless wipers. Meanwhile, the 3-level parking sensor and rear view system have greatly enriched the vehicle configuration.

Like most pickups, Wingle 6 has a double-cab design. Its overall proportion is very coordinated. The matte-silver roof rack and chrome rubbing strip below the doors and roll bars in front of the cargo box are not only practical, but also increase the vehicle's fashion sense.

The interior decoration is comparable with SUVs at the same price level.

The interior decoration of Wingle 6 has completely changed my previous knowledge of Chinese pickups. The design of its central control is more like an SUV with meticulous coloring, materials and assembly processes, indicating that the designers have really considered its ride comfort factor. Even compared with the Great Wall H6, I think the design of its central control is also greater.

Close to the driver's side, the air conditioning vent is a relatively new design. Besides, there is a silver stripe around it. The air outlets on both sides and the control panel area have used a material similar to piano paint. For pickups at the same price level, this is very rare. The multifunction leather steering wheel has integrated cruise control and Bluetooth system which is easy to operate; the multifunction trip computer has functions of tire pressure monitoring and displaying comprehensive information of speed, fuel consumption, mileage, etc. to keep abreast of the running state; the auto-dimming rear-view mirror can effectively prevent glare so as to improve safety; the 6-way power adjustment of the driver's seat and automatic air conditioning can easily achieve smart and comfortable driving. Meanwhile, there is an 8-inch touch screen in the middle of the center console. It is connected to a multimedia system integrating navigation, Bluetooth, music, video player and other functions with USB, AUX port and an SD card slot which can fully meet the entertainment needs.

Famous accessories making international quality

Wingle 6 is equipped with two power systems: 2.0T diesel and 2.4L petrol. The 2.0L turbocharged diesel engine system has the highest engine power among current pickups in China. It has high efficiency and low energy consumption with a maximum power of 110kW/4000 rpm, and maximum torque of 310N.m/1800-2800 rpm, matched with 6-speed manual transmission that makes shifting smooth.

In terms of safety, the car is equipped with Borg Warner TOD intelligent four-wheel drive system, when road conditions change, the running computer can transfer torque to the front wheels proportionally to provide sufficient grip as needed. The TOD system has 12 sensors to detect the operating state of the axles to prevent adhesion tire loss, in order to ensure safety. Meanwhile, the whole line of Wingle 6 is equipped with the latest Bosch version 9.0. The all-around vehicle dynamic ESP electronic stability system integrates ABS, EBD, TCS traction control system and HHC hill-start assist function to automatically correct driving errors, make brake performance more stable and effectively shorten braking distances, prevent skidding and flick, provide higher compatibility and comprehensive protection for vehicle safety.

In order to help the vehicle get out of trouble under special road conditions, Wingle 6 is equipped with Eaton differential lock. As one of the best-selling products of Eaton Corporation, the mechanical differential lock has been widely used in SUVs and pickups worldwide.

Although after development, due to conditional restrictions, the features of "means of production" in Chinese pickups are still evident. But their appearances and interiors are no longer rustic, rough and cheap. The easily-operated 4-wheel-drive system provides Wingle 6 with opportunities and capacities to get more attention from people interested in pickups. The launching of Wingle 6 has brought us considerable surprises and has changed everyone’s old impressions on Chinese pickups. In particular, its advantages in comfort configuration are quite obvious, which are even fully comparable with mainstream SUVs at the same price level. Most importantly, as a pickup, Wingle 6 can achieve more in addition to being your helper in the field and between warehouses.