Hitachi, Clarion visit GWM

Category:News Publish:2014-06-18

On June 7, Sato Hiroshi, CEO and COO of Hitachi AMS and Izumi Tatsuhiko, chairman and CEO of Clarion led Hitachi's and Clarion's senior executives to GWM. The two sides exchanged ideas on issues such as vehicle-mounted information, engine, electronic transmission and new energy technology application. GWM's leaders including Chairman Wei Jianjun, President Wang Fengying and Vice President Zhao Guoqing were present.

At the meeting, Mr. Wei defined GWM's strategy of focusing on the SUV, saying GWM will continue to increase technical investment, pay attention on R & D staff training and improve the capacity for independent R & D. Also, he acclaimed the quality and cost performance of Hitachi's and Clarion's products, and noted that the market orientation of their products in China will have a direct impact on their development. He hoped that the two sides will increase strategic exchanges and communication in platform technology cooperation to improve GWM's overall R & D strength.

At the meeting, Sato Hiroshi elaborated on the development, global operation and business composition of Hitachi AMS, and Izumi Tatsuhiko expounded Clarion's development in China. As an automotive parts supplier with a history of 80 years, Hitachi hopes to cement cooperation through more communication and exchanges to gradually expand the range of cooperation, Sato Hiroshi said.

Chinese auto brands will be Hitachi AMS' major cooperative targets in the future, Sato Hiroshi said, adding that the company will intensify new technology launches in China and focus on enhancing its marketing power and development capacity to better serve Chinese auto brands.

Following the exchange, the delegation visited GWM's test center, collision laboratory and Xushui Haval plant.

Hitachi AMS started with automotive electric parts in 1930, reached out to North America, Europe and the rest of Asia after 1985, and has forged partnerships with many Chinese automakers in such aspects as technical support, parts and after-sales service; founded in 1940, as Japan's earliest automotive parts manufacturer that developed and sold vehicle audio systems, Clarion provides products such as vehicle navigation systems, vehicle audio systems and cameras to internationally renowned auto brands such as GM and Audi.

According to sources, Hitachi and Clarion have cooperated with GWM in a wide range of fields such as brake calipers, engines, shock absorbers, audio systems and DVD cores, and are expected to expand the range of cooperation with GWM in the future.