The 4th Great Wall Motors’ Science & Technology Festival opens

Category:News Publish:2014-09-23

On September 19, the 17-day 4th GreatWall Motors’ Science & Technology Festival official opened at Haval XushuiIndustrial Park. Themed "Technology · Great Wall", the festivalpresented 14 vehicles, 5 independently developed engines and over 200 researchachievements in 15 zones covering a total area of over 5,000 square meters. Thefestival focused on presenting research achievements, awarding technologicaltalents, overtaking internationally advanced manufacturers, and promotingtechnical exchange. Provincial and municipal leaders, major leaders of GreatWall Motors, industrial experts and some journalists attended the openingceremony and visited the exhibition.

Present technology highlights ofexhibits; emphasize on application of R & D achievements

The festival covered dynamic technology,new materials, equipment, electric engineering, production processes, chassis,new energy, interiors and exteriors, safety, reliability, the use of rubber,vehicle bodies, sales and vehicles, and emphasized the application andconversion rate of exhibit technologies. 83 percent of exhibits or technologieshave been applied or will be applied soon. The festival presented a feast ofauto technology R & D to vehicle fans.

In driving safety, Great Wall Motorspresented the "All Terrain Control System" carried by Haval H9. Evena driver without off-road experience can breezily steer a vehicle equipped withthe system on roads, snowfields or other complex off-road surfaces and enjoythe treatment of expert guidance, setting a precedent among independent brands.

The high-performance camshaft geardemonstrated Great Wall Motors' R & D achievements. Made ofpolyether-ether-ketone (PEEK), the gear features high and low temperatureresistance, dimensional stability and self-lubrication. Additionally, equipmentand technologies such as self-made node sensors, three-color molding for therear lampshade, central armrest-type, integrated air purification technology,and high-silicon aluminum alloy cylinder sleeve technology have been applied…

The zones for vehicles, dynamictechnology and new energy were even more attractive.

The 14 vehicles included models on saleand new models to be launched at future dates, covering types such as SUV,passenger car, pickup and new energy vehicle. Among the models on show were thetrendy mini SUV Haval H1, the all-new flagship SUV Haval H9, and COUPE C with anew design concept.

Five new engines appeared in the zone ofdynamic technology. From gasoline to diesel, from 1.0L to 3.0L, fromturbocharging to two-stage supercharging, everything demonstrated Great WallMotors' latest achievements in core power R & D.

The 3.0L in-line six-cylinder twinturbocharging direct injection gasoline engine, 2.0L in-line four-cylinderturbocharging direct injection gasoline engine, 1.0L small-displacementhigh-performance three-cylinder electronically-controlled gasoline engine, 1.5Lsmall-displacement electronically-controlled turbocharging diesel engine, and2.0L two-stage turbocharging diesel engine are all new engines to be launchedin the next period.

In new energy, Great Wall Motors aims todevelop the initiative in vehicle R & D to synchronize product developmentwith marketing, and has determined three technical platforms: 48V-BSG, P2 andeAD. This time, the company put on display a collection of new energy productsincluding Great Wall C20 REV under Program 863, hybrid chassis, vehiclecontroller and 48V BSG battery pack.

During the festival, Great Wall Motorswill also deliver 10 technical forums covering fields such as new materials,zero quality defects, dynamics, R & D quality management, hyper-intelligence,and thermal management and reliability, inviting over 30 domestic and foreigntechnical experts for speeches and discussions about the development trends ofseveral auto technologies.

"Excessive investment"yields fruitful results, technological talents promote innovation

Great Wall Motors has always implementedthe strategy of "excessive investment", emphasized effective R &D and pursued industrial leadership.

Before the opening ceremony, over 100industrial experts and journalists visited the Haval Technical Center which isunder construction. Based on independent R & D, designed by German experts,the center with a heavy investment can complete work such as product planning,modeling planning, engineering design, product trial-manufacturing and vehicletesting. After going into operation next year, the center will have 10,000engineering technologists including over 1,000 domestic and overseas experts.

Automation and modern equipment andfacilities of Haval Xushui Industrial Park where the festival was held haveaccomplished advanced industrial standards. The in-plant vehicle test field,built with an investment of 1 billion yuan, is the first of its kind built by aChinese automaker.

As an important part of the festival,Great Wall Motors awarded the researchers who have made remarkablecontributions in technical R & D at the opening ceremony. To deepencooperation between academia and commercial enterprise, the company alsoinvited teachers and students of relevant institutions of higher education tovisit the festival, and held a talent strategy promotion conference to attractmore talents to join independently-branded automakers to bring their value intoplay.

The talent strategy has become a focusof Great Wall Motors in its sustained and healthy development. The companyemphasized the mode of introducing innovative mentor-type professionals and theconstruction of the talent training system. In introducing internationalmentor-type professionals, the company has introduced over 130 mentor-typeprofessionals from countries such as Germany,Japan, Korea, Belgium,France, Italy, the UK,the USA and Canada,covering key R & D modules such as modeling, electronic & electricalengineering, chassis, transmission, power, interior and exterior, and vehicletesting technology. In independent training, guided by the concept of"training vehicle builders" and the strategy of "excessiveinvestment", the company has invested in software and hardware regardlessof cost to help the staff grow. Since 2014, the company has invested over 384million yuan directly and indirectly in internal and external training.

When asked the reason for holding thefestival consecutively, a Great Wall Motors spokesperson said that holding thefestival shows Great Wall Motors' great attention to innovative R & D andits determination to overtake internationally advanced manufacturers. Anotherpurpose is to enhance all the staff's awareness of technological innovation andthe sense of urgency, and involves over 70,000 workers and nearly 10,000technologists in innovation practice. Besides, awarding outstanding talentsthrough the festival gives them a sense of achievement and shows that thecompany attaches great importance to technological talents. In addition, thisplatform offers the industry a good knowledge of independent brands' dramaticchanges, solicits opinions and suggestions from industrial insiders andexperts, discovers problems, seeks gaps and defines the future direction of R& D. The festival will continue as a branded event.

According to an industrial insider,independent brands have developed toughly in recent years in the context thatindependent vehicle sales have dropped for 12 consecutive months; JV-brandedvehicles have borne down on independent vehicles, and technical R & D hasbecome the core limitation of automakers' overall competitiveness. Despite anoverall sales decline in the first half of this year, Great Wall Motors' salesrevenues grew by 8 percent, consolidating its domestic lead in sales. Such resultshave been inseparable from the company's great attention to innovative R &D and focus strategy.


As aplatform via which Great Wall Motors motivates technological talents internallyand demonstrates research achievements externally, Great Wall Science &Technology Festival held once a year has become the company's tradition andcultural symbol. The festival has been held for four consecutive years from2011 to 2014. The change from product demonstration to demonstration ofexhibits' application and conversion rate shows the company's great attentionto technology R & D and determination to build "technology-orientedGreat Wall".

In May 2011, Great Wall Motors held the 1st Great Wall Science &Technology Festival at Parts Industrial Park, which ran for a week andpresented 185 exhibits including 20 vehicles and 165 items of parts. Among over12,000 participants were provincial and municipal leaders, industrial experts,journalists and staff members' relatives.

In May 2012, Great Wall Motors held the 2nd Great Wall Science &Technology Festival, which ran for nine days and presented over 280 exhibits in12 zones. Among over 30,000 participants were provincial and municipal leaders,industrial experts, journalists and staff members' relatives.

In May 2013, Great Wall Motors held the 3rd Great Wall Science &Technology Festival at Haval Xushui Industrial Park, which ran for 17 days andpresented over 300 exhibits in 14 zones. Among over 40,000 participants wereprovincial and municipal leaders, industrial experts, journalists and relativesof staff members.