Overseas Customer Satisfaction Survey of 2016

Category:News Publish:2016-11-05

To understand customers’ needs in overseas markets and identify defective service in the market operation, Great Wall Motors will conduct an overseas customer satisfaction survey from November 10th, 2016 to December 10th, 2016.

In 1998, with GWM’s vehicles being shipped aboard, GWM became one of the first automotive companies entering world market. It is already 18 years in export and GWM focuses on export vehicles quality throughout and continuously improves the quality of after-sales service operations. Taking "customer satisfaction" as the working core, GWM actively carries out brand building in overseas markets to establish international professional brand reputation of HAVAL SUV through the Dakar Rally marketing, overseas exhibitions, SUV cross-country races and other sports marketing activities and effectively promotes the establishment of SUV leader and professional brand status for HAVAL.

GWM has been committing to establish its brands worldwide. Active propaganda through various approaches, purchase contracts awarded from government and groups and sponsorship activities for a series of competitions greatly enhanced the brand awareness of GWM in the markets. In May 2016, GWM was reelected the “Chinese Brand 500" list, ranking 62th with the brand value of 44.401 billion yuan. In June 2016, GWM was nominated the Forbes’ "Top 2000 Global Listed Companies of 2016” and ranked 796th.

In 2015, the total revenue of GWM achieved 76.033 billion yuan and total sales volume 852,693 units. SUV sales ranked GWM first in China and consequently make it the national sales champion for 13 consecutive years, accompanying with HAVAL H6 SUV winning the champion in single model sales; meanwhile, pickup sales had been leading the auto industry for 18 consecutive years.

As of September, 2016, HAVAL brand has been launched in 18 markets including Russia, Australia, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Malaysia, Oman, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Georgia and Benin.

This survey mainly involves sections of brand, network, products and after-sales service, which will last 1 month. The overseas customers of GWM can fill out the questionnaire online by visiting webpage link or scanning two-dimensional code with mobile phone or iPad, but also through the dealer’s Facebook and other channels to participate in interactive activities.

Satisfaction Survey for HAVAL Brand Customer

Overseas Customer Satisfaction Survey of 2016 - English Link: http://diaoyan.haval.com.cn/jq/10223863.aspx

Overseas Customer Satisfaction Survey of 2016 - Russian Link:http://diaoyan.haval.com.cn/jq/10235547.aspx

Overseas Customer Satisfaction Survey of 2016 - Spanish Link: http://diaoyan.haval.com.cn/jq/10319791.aspx

Satisfaction Survey for Great Wall Brand Customer 

Overseas Customer Satisfaction Survey of 2016 - English Link: http://diaoyan.haval.com.cn/jq/10225184.aspx

Overseas Customer Satisfaction Survey of 2016 - Spanish Link: http://diaoyan.haval.com.cn/jq/10318296.aspx