WEY Made Its Debut in New York Times Square

Category:News Publish:2017-09-16

On EST September 10 and 11 (September 10 ~ 12, Beijing Time), WEY, China's luxury and high-end SUV brand launched by the Great Wall Motors (GWM), made its debut in New York Times Square, known as "the Crossroads of the World". On the digital screen of the NASDAQ Tower, the most prominent building in Manhattan, WEY’s advertising pictures were unveiled. From 6:00 am, September 10 to 2:00 am the next day, WEY and its VV5S were played 20 times in total, attracting much attention from local Chinese and Americans.

Located in the world’s most notable business center, the NASDAQ Stock Exchange is not only the largest security exchange market, but also has long been the first choice for international high-end brand to make publicity. There have been a large number of theaters, cinemas and shopping malls, making the NASDAQ Tower an entertainment and shopping center, and also headquarters of many financial, publishing and media enterprises. Every single day will witness over 10,000 tourists coming there, turning the digital screen of the NASDAQ Tower into one of the best places to concentrate the world's attention.

Through this brand show in the heart of New York, GWM makes its high-end brand - WEY known to the world. With Frankfurt Auto Show and debut in New York, GWM shows the globe its entrepreneurial spirit and international vision.

Launched in 2016, WEY is China’s first luxury SUV and is the achievement of GWM after four years’ endeavor. It is built in line with the highest standard of global luxury brand with efforts of the design of international luxury vehicles and efforts of its R&D team. After consecutive appearance of VV7, VV7s and VV5s, WEY has laid certain foundation in domestic medium- and high-end SUV market.