Launch of Haval in New Zealand

Category:News Publish:2017-09-04

On August 28, the grand launching ceremony of Haval was held in Sofitel Hotel of Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand. The first batch of Haval distributors signed the Network Access Protocol at the press conference, marking Haval’s formal rooting in New Zealand, thus achieving another success in realizing the strategic goal of being international brand of Haval.

The debut of Haval H2 and H6 Coupe under the spotlight unveiled the release conference of Haval. The first three Haval distributors completed signing on the spot with commitment of official opening in the middle of September. Four potential distributors will also start their business in succession by the end of 2017. In this case, seven Haval distributors will cover Southern Island and Northern Island of New Zealand, including such metropolis as Auckland, Hamilton, Christchurch and Dunedin, thus making Haval quality something accessible.哈弗H2和哈弗H6 Coupe车型亮相发布会Debut Conference of Haval H2 and H6 Coupe

Signing of Distributors in Auckland

Group Photo of Distributors and Potential Distributors of Auckland and Representatives of Haval Subsidiaries in Australia and New Zealand

Then, Tim Smith, the Marketing Director of Haval Subsidiaries in Australia and New Zealand, introduced the corporate strength of GWM and its international development strategy to the guests. The star models of Haval H2 and H6 Coupe will be launched in New Zealand firstly and the flagship model All New Haval H9 will be launched in November. New Zealand, as another mature market for Haval brand, is bound to bring about precious experience in product development and overseas operating capacity.

Introduction Made by Tim Smith to Guests

On the next day, a test drive activity was held around Auckland City. The dealers were all shocked at the reliable quality and super-high cost performance of Haval, and showed full confidence in Haval H6 Coupe, a “magic vehicle of China”. They believe that H6 Coupe will certainly be favored by consumers in New Zealand for its sense of design on the appearance and rich configuration.

Haval’s Test Drive Activity in New Zealand

On the occasion of SUV trend globally, SUV, in New Zealand, has also surpassed passenger car to become No. 1 category in auto market. It is believed that Haval will surely play a significant role in the world arena with its outstanding quality and favorable service in the near future.