Shining in Tehran---Formal Entry of HAVAL into Iran Market at Tehran Auto Show

Category:News Publish:2017-12-19

On November 26, HAVAL appeared at the Tehran International Auto Show in Iran with a brand conference held, indicating the formal entry of HAVAL into Iran with tremendous market potential and the significant addition to HAVAL's world map.


As one of the largest automobile manufacturers in Iran, Bahman, HAVAL's partner in Iran, invited nearly one hundred guests and media to this HAVAL brand conference. At the conference, Bahman introduced HAVAL brand and showed HAVAL's brand history, internationalized R&D team, achievements and products to Iranian consumers. In addition to recognition and expectations from the invited guests on HAVAL, the Iranian media also made positive comments and reports on HAVAL.


HAVAL is a product of Great Wall Motors' focus on SUV strategy. As a professional SUV brand, HAVAL delivers a brand image of quality, safety, beauty and motivation to consumers. As the speech delivered by Mr. Wang Shihui, General Manager of the International Trade Division of Great Wall Motor, HAVAL would, together with Bahman, provide high-quality products and exclusive HAVAL Delight services for Iranian consumers, to enable end consumers to enjoy more benefits.

HAVAL was very popular at the auto show, with many media and consumers attracted to have a detailed understanding. Meanwhile, with the opportunity of the Auto show, HAVAL also showed a Chinese SUV leader's style to more Iranian consumers, to establish HAVAL's professional SUV brand image and win the praise of consumers.


HAVAL's development history of catching up from behind in China SUV market will be duplicated in Iran market. Along with launching of HAVAL products, HAVAL will certainly give Iranian consumers more SUV choices and will play an important role in the Iranian competitive SUV market. The formal launching of HAVAL in Iran indicates a further substantial step of HAVAL in implementing its overseas strategy, and will certainly contribute to HAVAL's globalization.