HAVAL Tunisia Sponsoring Golf Tournament

Category:News Publish:2017-12-25

Recently, HAVAL Tunisia has sponsored the Tunisia Annual Golf Tournament 2017 (initiated by the American Chamber of Commerce) held in Residence Golf Gammarth on the Mediterranean coast. As one of Tunisia's most influential sports events of the year, this Golf Tournament brought together local business magnates and elites. HAVAL defeated many other brands and turned out to be the unique automobile brand sponsoring this event. 

HAVAL established itself with "professional" SUV brand, emphasizes the high end and taste, creates exquisite products for customers and brings them high-grade product enjoyment. Golf is a symbol of profession and taste so that the "perfect combination" of HAVAL and golf tournament fully manifests HAVAL's excellent taste, enterprising spirit, and unique character of constant self-surpassing.


HAVAL H2, H6 Sport, H8 and H9 made their debut in the venue. Their exquisite workmanship and rich configuration attracted attention of many contestants and spectators. The Tunisian distributor ATLAS AUTO invited everyone to take a test drive, with female participants-oriented introduction focusing on the dynamic and stylish HAVAL H2. The particular venue arrangement and excellent atmosphere were exactly the proof of successful operation of HAVAL in Tunisia. HAVAL's appearance allowed fans to enjoy a happy golf carnival in the process of the fierce competition.


Ten HAVAL car owners also attended this event at the invitation and experienced the golf game with the guidance of professionals. This exclusive and featured activity has greatly improved HAVAL car owners' satisfaction and loyalty to the HAVAL brand.

April 2017 witnessed the launch of HAVAL in Tunisia. The distributor ATLAS AUTO has improved the brand image and service level according to plan under the guidance of Haval Delight and received praise from existing HAVAL car owners. It also practices the concept of precision marketing by carrying out brand promotion activities aiming at high-end customer groups. This lays a solid customer foundation for the development of the HAVAL brand in the Tunisian market.