GWM’s 7DCT Won the Honor of “World Top 10 Transmissions”

Category:News Publish:2017-12-25

“The First World Top 10 Transmission Evaluation” awards were announced on December 17, 2017, and the Great Wall Motor’s (GWM) seven-speed wet dual-clutch transmission (7DCT) won the honor of “World Top 10 Transmissions”.

“The World Top 10 Transmission Evaluation” was sponsored by the China Automotive Evaluation Academy, and the jury was a pool of world’s leading experts in the transmission industry. The internationally recognized transmission evaluation index system was adopted to evaluate participating products that covered all outstanding Chinese and imported transmissions and models in China’ market. The evaluation can be called the world’s only and it is extremely difficult to win the awards. The evaluation took into account over ten dimensions including the transmission ratio, transmission efficiency, lightweight, vibration and noise for the purpose of selecting both innovative and ingenious transmissions. After several strict procedures of online application, nomination, field test, expert scoring, review meeting and expert poll, 7DCT independently developed by GWM stood out and won the award.  

It took over 30 top industry experts headed by Mr. Gerhard Henning four years to develop 7DCT. Mr. Henning has more than 30 years of experience in transmission research and development and he used to work for well-known automobile manufacturer such as Mercedes-Benz. To guarantee high quality of the products, GWM works with world-class parts supplier giants such as the Continental AG, the BorgWarner and the Schaeffler, and has built up a world-class transmission laboratory and the most advanced and automatized transmission production factory in China.

In the course of evaluation, the all-new HAVAL H6 provided with a 7DCT wet dual clutch gearbox demonstrated world-class technology. The hydraulic clutch is used to engage and switch, and oil is used for clutch plate cooling, with better stability and larger torque up to 450Nm. In addition, the transmission performs better in transmission ratio and efficiency, reaching 7.99 and 98.87 respectively. With exceptionally prompt response, it cooperates accurately with the engine to provide powerful acceleration. At the same time, the seven-speed design can effectively improve the efficiency of the engine and reduce fuel consumption.

The related personal of the organizing committee of the evaluation said that the 7DCT of H6 is the first Chinese brand seven-speed wet double clutch transmission. It is a breakthrough for Chinese brands in this field, and helps China to become less dependent on foreign gearbox companies, which is something praiseworthy. GWM’s competition with world’s top transmissions and its winning of the awards this time proves its technology parallel to world’s top standards.

At present, the transmission has been successfully provided with the all-new HAVAL H6 model. It is worth mentioning that the 1.5GDIT engine equipped with 7DCT won the title of China Heart “Ten Best Engines 2017” on November 30th. The powerful combination of 1.5GDIT and 7DCT provides the new HAVAL H6 with remarkable dynamic performance and a maximum torque of 285 Nm and lift torque of 190 Nm / L can be reached at 1400 rpm, guaranteeing remarkable acceleration and dynamic response. The 7DCT transmission brings about smooth shift, good heat dissipation, and impressive fuel efficiency. H6’s fuel consumption is only 6.8 L/100km according to the standard of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

This new version of H6 equipped with one of the “Ten Best Engines” and “World Top 10 Transmissions” has been officially launched on the Guangzhou Auto Show 2017, selling price ranging from RMB 126,000 to 140,000. Upon its release, the model has won great praise from the press and the favor of the consumers. Taking advantage of the honor, H6 continued to take a lion’s share in the SUV market with sales of 54,100 vehicles in November. H6 has remained the sales champion of the China’s SUVs for a total of 56 months. From January to November, a total of 451,300 H6 vehicles were sold.

The great glory as one “the World Top 10 Transmissions” further demonstrates the competent technical strength of the HAVAL brand, and will certainly help promote the marvelous H6 to a higher level.