“Storm” Coming – HAVAL Landing in Saudi Arabia

Category:News Publish:2018-01-19

The new year witnesses another good news of HAVAL from overseas. Since the opening of HAVAL’s exclusive shop in Saudi Arabia, HAVAL’s launch conference, on January 8, was held in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. Mr. Li Huaxin, the Chinese ambassador to Saudi Arabia, and Mr. Zhao Liuqing, the Commercial Counselor, were invited to this conference and both of them spoke highly of it.

 On the conference, Mr. Faisal, the current Chairman of AZAQ Group, firstly delivered a welcome speech to all guests present and said, “HAVAL has injected fresh blood into the automobile market of Saudi Arabia and will unfold a new era of HAVAL. We will devote ourselves to providing all customers with amazing and excellent driving experience and services, and to shaping HAVAL as the SUV leader in the Middle East.”

 HAVAL’s launch conference in Riyadh was broadcast live at its franchised stores in Jeddah and Dammam. Meanwhile, VOL Hasan Kutibe and Bayan, an online celebrity, were respectively invited to Riyadh and Jeddah for a live interaction which was shot and shared across social platforms so as to increase the exposure of HAVAL and accumulate popularity. There was a lucky draw at the scene, where one lucky guy would win a HAVAL H2 for free. More surprisingly, every guest present got a CITIZEN watch with HAVAL Logo.

 A very interesting episode happened on that day. The lucky draw winner had just ordered a HAVAL H2 last Thursday. The dealer invited him to participate in the conference and intended to deliver the car to him, but never dreamed that the customer would be so lucky to get a free HAVAL H2. What’s more, on the day before the opening, someone bought a HAVAL H9 with cash and said that he only got information about the H9 online and was convinced of his choice.

 As Wang Shihui, the General Manager of GWM International Trade Division, , said in his speech, The Saudi market plays a critical role in the entire Middle East automobile market and Saudi Arabia is also quite important for GWM, so the landing of the HAVAL in Saudi Arabia is of special significance. HAVAL is a newcomer to the Saudi market, but it is better late than never. Without doubt, HAVAL, the best-selling SUV brand in China, will bring more benefits to Saudi consumers.