HAVAL H7 Winning Comprehensive Performance Champion of Medium and Large-Sized SUV in CCPC

Category:News Publish:2018-01-19

At present, the 2017 Chinese Annual Performance Model Award Ceremony held by China Automotive Technology & Research Center (CATARC) came to a successful end in Beijing. At the ceremony, by virtue of its strong product attraction and excellent performance on the field, HAVAL H7 won "Comprehensive Performance Champion of Medium and Large-Sized SUV". It deserves this reputation after winning five single champions and three comprehensive champions successively at three extreme fields with varied topography and climates.

 Many leading figures highly praised winning models at the ceremony, such as He Guangyuan, the former Minister of Machinery Ministry Industry, Cai Shiqing, the former President of China Automobile Industry Corporation, Fu Yuwu, the Honorary Chairman of Society of Automotive Engineers of China and President of China Auto Talents Society, Wang Binggang, the former President of CATARC, An Qingheng, Director of China Automotive Industry Advisory Committee and Chen Bin, the Vice Chairman of China Machinery Industry Federation. Meanwhile, more than 100 domestic and international major media organizations such as CCTV also witnessed such a glorious moment.

 Three Champions Creating Winner History

In 2017, China Car Performance Challenge (CCPC) was respectively conducted at Karamay, Yancheng City (Dafeng District) and Yakeshi City so as to test comprehensive performance of vehicles under extreme road conditions such as high temperature, humidity and alpine conditions. As the only automobile race currently in China characterized by “original mass-produced vehicles as the competitors”, HAVAL H7 has perfectly showed its extraordinary performance in all competitions.


Different and rigorous challenges were arranged in those three extreme stations: emergency braking on dry road and "Zork 360" fuel economy competition in hot and dry Karamay; energy conservation challenge for long distance under high-speed condition and braking on wet road in humid Dafeng; S-shaped slalom challenge in snowy Yakeshi. In the medium and large-sized SUV competition of same category, with its outstanding performance, HAVAL H7 has overcome all the difficulties in the way and finally won the single champion of those challenges as well as the comprehensive champion in each field, delivering a perfect result to all the audience.

Safe and Comfortable Product Demonstrating Superior Quality

 HAVAL H7 is committed to becoming a satisfactory medium and large-sized SUV for all customers to satisfy the needs of the market. In addition to its performance superiority to other brands on the same level, HAVAL H7 is also praiseworthy for space, power and safety.

 For HAVAL H7 with five seats, the design of a body featuring golden ratio (4,700 mm * 1,925 mm *1,718 mm) and an extra-long axle spacing of 2,850 mm ensures commodious internal space and stability of the vehicle body. The trunk with maximum expanded space of 1,232 L also provides you with great convenience for living and travelling.

HAVAL H7 is equipped with a 2.0T double-channel direct injection turbocharged engine, with a rated power of 170 KW, a maximum torque of 355 N•m, a time period of 9.6s to accelerate from 0 to 100km/h and a braking distance of 38.8m decelerating from 100km/h, featuring large torque at low speed, high power and impressive start acceleration. It also has a Getrag 6-speed wet-type dual clutch transmission characterized by clear and rapid gear shifting logic. Furthermore, the design of three driving modes (sport, standard and economical) provides easily control and great driving experience.

HAVAL H7 won a five-star rating in 2017 C-NCAP crash tests for its outstanding performance with 57.4 scores. Its safety performance surpassed numerous models designed by joint ventures. HAVAL H7, epitome of SUV safety technology, has as many as 17 hi-tech safety configurations such as BSD, LCA system, CTA, lane departure warning, lane keeping and 360° panoramic viewing system, providing stereoscopic and all-round protection for customers.

 HAVAL H7, a high-quality medium and large-sized SUV, demonstrates the strong product attraction of HAVAL SUV to public with its perfect performance on race field and outstanding performance in automobile market. HAVAL will always focus on the vital interest of consumers and give priority to safety, manifesting its responsibility as a self-developed SUV brand in China.