GWM Pick-up Truck Test Drive Camp, Witness of 20 Years' Champion Quality

Category:News Publish:2018-05-03

With more and more cities lifting the limitations to pick-up trucks and pick-up trucks being upgraded and improved, pick-up trucks are well known to and widely accepted by the general public. While keeping pace with saloon cars and SUVs, pick-up trucks, with great power, impressive trafficability, low fuel consumption, practical cargo-carrying capability and people's constant pursuit of safe and comfortable driving, have not only met the driver's needs for cargo transport but also satisfied them in other aspects. On April 13, a GWM pick-up truck test drive camp whose theme is "Aced Performance, Incomparable Advantage" was established with the popularity of pick-up trucks.

 This test drive has not only witnessed the champion quality that creates top-selling GWM pick-up for consecutive 20 years, but also satisfied the media professionals with unprecedented driving experience. Even though the road was rather muddy in heavy rains, the overall performance of GWM pick-up trucks such as power, trafficability, smoothness and operational stability, was still extraordinary, greatly impressing the media and the coaches on the spot.

 The test drive route was in a suburb in Zhengzhou, along the banks of the Yellow River, which is a quite perfect place for test drive due to various terrains and beautiful scenery. It is not only a good place to objectively present the adaptability of GWM pick-up trucks in multiple occasions and under different road conditions, but also a good place for the audience to enjoy the natural scenery. On the day when the activity was held, it was raining heavily in Zhengzhou. The bad weather seemed to be both a difficulty and a test for the test drive. When passing the route near Yellow River Bridge, 8 GWM pick-up trucks, arranged in line, formed a “1-shaped” team. The team looked like a herd of horses from a distance, wild but organized, magnificent and grand. Considering the special terrain of this test drive route, the organizer of the activity arranged some challenging and attractive performance tests to sufficiently spread out the champion product power of GWM pick-up trucks.

 In order to test the low fuel consumption of GWM pick-up trucks, the organizer arranged a fuel economy competition especially for media friends. Prior to the completion, the staff filled up a fleet of pick-up trucks and loaded about 175 kg barreled water, and then media friends were divided into groups of 3 - 4 to ride in the pick-up trucks. After the pick-up trucks arrived at their destination, their average overall fuel consumption would be measured.


 The media friends were very interested and believed that they would have a lot of fun after they knew the rule of the competition. They came up with ideas on "how to minimize the fuel consumption while ensuring the speed". Even though the road condition was very poor due to heavy rain and pick-up trucks are required to travel under heavy loads, it turned out that the average fuel consumption per 100 km of GWM diesel pick-up trucks was 6.21 L in this competition, which was very impressive and outstanding.

 The answer to the question of "how many GWM pick-up trucks (with a weight of about 2.7 t) can a pick-up truck tow on earth" was also revealed in the test driving. In the link of vehicle towing, 8 pick-up trucks were connected end to end with tow ropes. The first pick-up truck traveled at a constant speed after startup and the other 7 pick-up trucks were started by towing at "0" speed. Finally, Wingle 6 successfully completed the challenge of towing 7 GWM pick-up trucks, again showing its magnificent output torque of 315 N•m, impressive towing capability and strong power. Besides individual performance tests regarding fuel economy and power, the overall performance test – test drive on long road with complex road conditions was definitely a highlight in the GWM pick-up truck test drive camp.


 Considering overall needs of most pick-up truck drivers, the organizer spent considerable time arranging links of the activity. Finally, a typical rural road in China was selected – a road with mud, hollows and slopes. It is devastated by years' rolling of various trucks, heavy trucks and other vehicles. In addition, Zhengzhou experienced much rain recently, thereby making road conditions more complex and changeable. Therefore, the requirements for performance of pick-up trucks such as power, chassis, trafficability, operational response and comfort level are very high when they are traveling on such a devastated road. However, by virtue of high torque at low speed, quick dynamic response, strong four-wheel drive power, high chassis toughness and body stability, GWM pick-up trucks equipped with GW4D20D engines passed the road easily, showing the champion quality objectively and clearly.


During test drive on the long road with complex road conditions, the media friends appreciated the comfort level brought by the seat and felt as if they were sitting in a saloon car. In the meantime, they spoke highly of the audio and video entertainment system as well: "The interior configuration makes me feel as if I am driving an SUV!"


 Although media friends only experienced this test drive camp for 1 day, the reaction from them showed that they were quite impressed by the power, fuel economy and overall performance of GWM pick-up trucks. There was even a feedback from the media: For champions in automobile industry, GWM pick-up truck is the most practical.