Wei Jianjun, Chairman of GWM, Was Nominated in the Ceremony of “Four Decades after China’s Economic Reform and Opening up • Tributes to China Automobile Figures”

Category:News Publish:2018-07-05

On June 30, the grand ceremony of “Four Decades after China’s Economic Reform and Opening up • Tributes to China Automobile Figures” was held in Beijing. It converged the elite leaders in China’s auto industry, and aimed to spread the stories of China’s auto industry by tracing back its development path and pay a tribute to the representatives who have made outstanding contributions to the auto industry. 


Creating a legend of China SUV  

Wei Jianjun, Chairman of GWM, was invited to attend the ceremony. By virtue of his outstanding achievements in the development of the SUV market in China, and his spirits and feelings for insisting on building a luxury SUV brand of China, he was elected as one of China auto industry representatives who are worthy of tribute during the four decades after China’s economic reform and opening up by the one-hundred-elites jury. The jury’s tribute to Wei Jianjun wrote: “Twenty years ago, he engaged with the automobile market with Pickup, and fifteen years ago, he came up with the pace of the development of China SUV with entrepreneurial ambitions and accountants’ elaboration in the rising tide of the market. Surviving in the cracks, he accurately locked the Blue Ocean in the Red Ocean of the auto industry, and created a legend of China SUV. After decades of hibernation, as a blockbuster, he is writing the determination of made-in-China with confidence now!”  

Wei Jianjun said: “The auto industry represents the revitalization of China’s industry and fully illustrates the rise of made-in-China. As a leader for SUV category, GWM will adhere to the ingenuity spirit, and continue to work hard to achieve a leap from originating in China to representing China. ”  

Forging the glory of the national brand by ingenuity  

Wei Jianjun has concentrated on making cars for more than twenty years. His business wisdom has revolutionized the development of China’s auto industry. After taking over the company as the head in the 1990s, he turned the tide and restored profitability quickly. After China entering the WTO in 2001, he calmly made an accurate prediction for the complex market environment and fierce market competition. When suffering from pains in the market, he stood up steadily first and then took the initiative to fire on all difficulties, and focused on SUV automobiles resolutely with great courage and insight. It can be said that Wei Jianjun’s spirit of struggle and unique vision in a military style is just the spiritual force of GWM. Under his leadership, GWM completed the transformation from a township factory to a modern large-scale enterprise, got through the close siege of foreign and joint-venture brands by virtue of technology-innovative and quality-breaking made-in-china SUV automobiles, and forged the glory of the national brand by ingenuity. Throughout the history of China automobile development, it can be said that the leaping development path of GWM is the epitome of the collective transformation and upgrading of China national automakers, and Wei Jianjun is the model for self-improvement of China private entrepreneurs. They kept pace with the development of China’s auto industry, and helped to promote the soaring of the auto industry, which deserves to be respected by all China automobile people.  

Leading China brands to the world with luxury  

The China’s auto industry is experiencing the consumption upgrades from price sensitivity to quality sensitivity, from pursuing scarcity to pursuing individuality, and from practicality-oriented to experience-oriented. Meanwhile, independent brands are going globally and rushing into the international areas bravely to compete with the international brands. Facing with new market demand and consumption circumstance, Wei Jianjun reviewed the situation, and found another way to create WEY, the first high-end luxury SUV brand in China, to strive to reverse the inherent perceptions of the public for China cars, and go abroad to win the war of honor for made-in-China. At the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, WEY brand shined brilliantly and its VV5 model became the first car of China to be rewarded with the most successful model. Shortly before the World Cup this year, WEY brand signed with the international football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo as the brand ambassador with exceptional insight, which made the most admirable cross-border cooperation in 2018 in sports, and effectively expanded the international chessboard of the brand. With the belief of “leading China brands to the world”, GWM, with WEY brand as the forward, will continue to enhance its core competitiveness and international influence, and seek higher and longer-term development strategy, to promote the strength and charm of China’s independent automobile brands to the world.