Taste Tour — "Haval Tour Experience" Event Held by Chilean Distributor

Category:News Publish:2018-07-10

On May 12, Chilean Haval brand distributor successfully held the HAVAL TOUR EXPERIENCE event for the third time, which aimed to reward Haval SUV owners. With self-driving to visit a wine estate as the main tour line, the Haval SUV owners experienced superior performance of HAVAL SUVs through different road conditions. 

In the morning, the HAVAL store in Movicenter was highly eye-catching. At about 9 o'clock, more than 20 different models of HAVAL SUVs arrived one after another, and the invited Haval SUV owners also arrived with their family members and friends. After signing-in, the staff told the owners about the precautions and procedures, and then they started the taste tour. 


Wearing red sun hats marked with HAVAL, the Haval owners were highly spirited and vigorous, and drove to the destination — Estancia El Cuadro, a well-known wine estate in Chile. At this time of the local autumn, a HAVAL fleet drove H2, H6, H7L and other models of SUVs galloped in the Andes, adding a touch of color to Chile in May. The complex and changeable terrain and rugged mountainous roads fully tested the performance of HAVAL SUVs. 


After a dusty path, the fleet slowly drove into the Estancia El Cuadro Wine Estate. With a long history, the Estancia El Cuadro Wine Estate is the best choice for learning about the history and technique of Chilean wines. At this time, the Estancia El Cuadro Wine Estate was full of HAVAL elements. The red flags marked with HAVAL fluttered in the wind on both sides of the path, and the staff wearing HAVAL shirts warmly welcomed the HAVAL SUV owners. In the on-site interactive session, the host raised questions about HAVAL, and the vehicle owners answered on the spot. The winners received prizes, such as customized watches and car models. Afterwards, all the vehicle owners took horse-drawn carriage to visit the Estancia El Cuadro Wine Estate. Passing through the endless vine yard, they visited the wine cellar to learn about the secrets and legends of the techniques for wine making. They felt the mellow fragrance of wine, and enjoyed in the tour.


This HAVAL TOUR EXPERIENCE in Chile witnessed the high quality of HAVAL SUVs, won the praise from the vehicle owners, and promoted the high-end orientation of the HAVAL brand for higher reputation in Chile.