HAVAL Delight: Gain a Decisive Victory at Australia-New Zealand Terminal

Category:News Publish:2018-07-11

Relying on excellent products and strong service support, HAVAL has made a brilliant achievement in professional SUV brand. In the overseas high-end and mature markets, a tight race is going on among the products of various manufacturers, so consumers pay more attention to differentiated high-quality service. In order to create a high-quality service brand of HAVAL in Australia and implement HAVAL Delight service item with customer satisfaction first, from June 18 to June 20, 2018, 18 after-sales service personnel from 11 Australian distributors and 4 new Zealand distributors participated in the 2018 centralized service training organized by the HAVAL Motors Australia in Melbourne, to fire the first shot of a decisive victory for Australia-New Zealand terminal service.


This training course mainly focused on the explanation of HAVAL brand concept, HAVAL Delight service concept, and HAVAL model technical knowledge, technical exchange and warranty process.

”Tony, the national service manager, introduced the brand concept and vision at the beginning to clearly present the global brand vision and mission of HAVAL as a professional SUV brand, and pointed out that "Creating core values for customers through service is the brand concept that we have always adhered to.”

Then, the trainer of HAVAL started to deliver the technical training , and firstly explained the knowledge about the four major systems of engines, transmissions, chassis and electrical appliances for H2, H6 and H9, which were the primary sales models in Australia-New Zealand market.


A rush-to-answer competition was set at the spot to ask questions about the technical parameters and characteristics of products, and trainees enthusiastically spoke up and exchanged technical information with each other in a warm atmosphere.


During the practical operation explanation, the technical trainer of HAVAL further discussed various typical technical problems and solutions with trainees.


Finally, the warranty process was explained, a professional assessment was set up for the trainee, and all the passed trainees were issued the HAVAL Delight participation certificate by HAVAL Motors Australia.

This Australia-New Zealand service standard implementation training had strengthened the concept of HAVAL Delight service brand, improved the service concept and technical level of trainees, and laid a solid foundation for improving customer satisfaction. With further implementation of HAVAL Delight project at the service terminal, it will definitely create a more professional impression of HAVAL brand for the whole world.