Great Wall Motors Showed up with WEY and Four Parts Brands at 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show

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China has taken the lead in technological innovation in 5G, AI, Internet and new energy, which is a golden chance for Chinese automotive industry to realize overtaking the global car giants. Chinese automotive industry is capable to lead in the global market as mobile phones, home appliances and the Internet do.

The 2019 Frankfurt International Motor Show (IAA) with the slogan of“ Driving Tomorrow” kicked off on September 10. Great Wall Motors showed up with its WEY brand as the leading luxury SUV brand in China. Based on its new global strategy, Great Wall displayed its latest new energy technology, released its next generation of styling design language to challenge the global higher-end car brands. Meanwhile, HYCET, SVOLT, Nobo Auto, and Mind Electronic Appliances, four parts companies under Great Wall Motor Group, attended the event for the first time, bringing a series of technological innovation achievements to assist Great Wall Motors in representing the high level of Chinese automotive industry to the world.

WEY brand stand at Frankfurt Motor Show

Wei Jianjun, Chairman of Great Wall Motors, delivered a speech at the stand of Great Wall Motors. “China has taken the lead in technological innovation in 5G, AI, Internet and new energy, which is a golden chance for Chinese automobile to realize overtaking other global car giants. Chinese automotive industry is capable to lead in the global market just as they do in mobile phones, home appliances and the Internet.” he said. At the same time, he released the new globalization strategy of WEY brand, that is, to establish a R&D center in Germany, to officially enter the EU market in two years, with the German market as its starting point.

Wei Jianjun, Chairman of Great Wall Motors

The WEY Forward. Enter the European Market with the Mission of “Making Luxury Affordable

With the slogan of “THE WEY FORWARD”, WEY brand participated in the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) with loads of highlights, aiming to lead the industry forward.

WEY Brand Press Conference

WEY brand launched two concept vehiclesWEY

Six vehicles representing the highest level of WEY brand and two cutting edge technologies were displayed, attracting the attention of audiences from all over the world. Among them, WEY-X and WEY-S, two concept vehicles, represent futuristic technical and design directions. WEY-S concept vehicle made its global debut at the Show, representing the styling direction of the second generation of VV5, adopting the new design language of " pioneering tension aesthetics", and creating the dynamic and fashionable styling favored by young people through sharp chamfer and multi-dimensional change of form. With a design inspired by aircraft wings, WEY-X Concept Vehicle made its debut in Europe, attracting the attention of overseas audiences and media with its high-tech styling.

WEY-S Concept Vehicle

Design of WEY-X Concept Vehicle is inspired by aircraft wings

WEY VV7 PHEV, VV7 GT PHEV, VV7 GT Pro PHEV and VV7 GT PHEV Pixel Headlight Version displayed at the Show are all equipped with the latest technological configurations and technologies of WEY brand. At the same time, WEY brand also featured the latest PHEV platform -- a new generation of Pi4 Platform and intelligent connectivity technology -- WEY AI Experiential Cockpit. At the stand of WEY, the daily mobility scenes in Germany simulated through the intelligent driving experience Cockpit, bringing Chinese high-tech experience to participants.




Wei Jianjun, Chairman of Great Wall Motors, said at the press conference that WEY showed up at the Frankfurt Motor Show once again to compete with mainstream auto brands in the world’s most competitive market. He also said that WEY, the luxury Chinese brand, has demonstrated that its innovation in intelligent technology and new energy technology has reached the advanced level in the world.

WEYVV7 GT PHEV Pixel Headlight Version

WEY AI Experience Cockpit

WEY Pi4 PlatformIn terms of technology research, WEY released a new plan for new energy technologies, and identified three major R&D routes: plug-in hybrid system, electric drive system and hydrogen energy technology. In addition, WEY will upgrade the Pi4 Platform. The newly upgraded Pi4 Platform can develop different levels of models, provide 5+3 driving modes, super power, energy recovery and other functions, and create better driving experience and good passability. What’s more, advanced drive shaft assembly concept can deeply integrate electric drive parts, reducing size by 16% and weight by 21% while increasing torque by 20% and power by 15%. In addition, cobalt-free battery, 9HDCT wet triple-clutch hybrid transmission and other technologies will be equipped in plug-in hybrid models in the future.

The new generation of Pi4 Platform

WEY Brand Press ConferenceWEY

The Launch of the Supply Chain Overseas Facilitated the Globalization Strategy of Great Wall Motors

In the parts exhibition area, four parts subsidiaries of Great Wall Motor Group, as important support units for Great Wall Motors to compete globally, jointly held a press conference with a slogan of "Green & Intelligent Mobility", which turned into an in-depth discussion on the development trend of core automobile manufacturing technologies.

Stand of parts subsidiaries of Great Wall Motor Group at the Frankfurt Motor Show

The heads of the four parts companies made debut together

At the press conference with a slogan of “New Brand and New Era”, HYCET launched the “ I Era” new generation of powertrain technology including 4N20 engine, 9DCT transmission and 6001 series electric drive assembly, as well as the "Flat-Hairpin" series electric drive, intelligent steering EPS new products, and shared the advantages of these forward-looking technical products.

HYCET Press Conference

HYCET launched the “ I Era” powertrain technology

HEV Platform of HYCET

SVOLT appeared at the Show with its full range of power cells using the high-speed stacking process. With the theme of “SVOLT´s ENGAGEMENT IN EUROPE”, SVOLT also shared its cooperation plan for the European market, including a R&D center, a 40,000-ton anode material plant, and the previously disclosed cell plant with a capacity of 24GWh.

SVOLT Press Conference

Cells of SVOLT on display

At the press conference with a slogan of "Serving Global Customers with Innovative Products", NOBO Auto launched the "iNest", "NFT"and intelligent cockpit layout planning, and formulated the "European Market Three-step" Strategy in the overseas business deployment.

NOBO Auto Press Conference

Intelligent seat of NOBO Auto

With the slogan of "Open MIND, Go Global", MIND Electronic Appliances launched product solutions for optoelectronic systems, electrical systems and thermal systems which will be mass produced or undergoing vehicle testing. With the advantages of smaller size, lighter weight and intelligence, the solutions effectively improved the driving experience and realized V2X interactive communication.

MIND Electronic Appliances Press Conference

Intelligent Headlight of MIND

Thermal Management System of MIND

HV Cable PDU of MIND

As a new wave of automobile industry, the "New Four Modernizations" of automobile industry is sweeping through the global automotive industry. Chinese auto brands have seized the opportunity to take the lead in the wave. Great Wall Motors has made breakthroughs in both "Globalization" and "New Four Modernizations", and is now leading Chinese auto brands to the world as a pioneer. Its impressive appearance at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show is a key step in the process. Great Wall Motors will continue to pursue its dream of global success in the future.