GWM's newly-built plant--Xushui base will be put into production in October

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According to GWM's person in charge, the main equipments of all the workshops of the Phase 1 Plant of GWM's Xushui production base have been installed, and the commissioning is under way. The base is expected to meet the conditions of mass production in October 2013, and the major mass-manufactured model will be Haval H8.

Conveniently located in north Baoding's emerging industrial park, GWM's Xushui production base is an hour's ride from Beijing, Tianjin and Shijiazhuang, 8 kilometers from Baoding's northern outer ring and 15 kilometers from Xushui county seat.

With an area of some 3.48 million square meters, a total investment of 16.2 billion yuan and a planned annual production capacity of 500,000 units, the base will be constructed in two phases. The launched projects include Phase 1 of the vehicle plant, the high-speed circuit, the test field, the logistics center and seven parts projects.

Under the principle of persistent pursuit of high quality, GWM introduced internationally advanced equipment including Kuka automated stamping line from Germany, Fagor high-precision CNC multi-station press line from Spain, APT thermal forming automation line from Germany, Soutec tailored blank laser welding line from Switzerland, ABB robot and flexible welding line from Switzerland, Zeiss high-precision measuring equipment from Germany, Nelson automatic stud welding robots from Germany, Yaskawa spray painting robots from Japan, Sames spraying cup system from France and Durr vehicle test facilities from Germany, thus boosting automation level greatly, ensuring product quality and increasing production efficiency.

More remarkably, with a maximum speed of 240km/h and an investment of 300 million yuan, the high-speed circuit is expected to put into use in April 2013. The circuit, the first of its kind in China, was built around the base unlike the previous circuits built in plants, saving the area and expanding the range, and has become a benchmark for intensive use of land.

The test field was designed by IDIADA, Spain, the world's most influential automotive engineering technology service provider. IDIADA has worked on automotive engineering and design in China for more than 10 years, and concluded a strategic cooperation agreement with the China Automotive Engineering Research Institute in 2011. Including test items such as a dynamic square, a test mountain, a road for fatigue durability test, a road for braking test and a road for ISO noise test, the test field will be used to monitor vehicle performance. Expectedly it’ll go into operation late November 2013.

The seven core parts projects and the logistics center will also come into use in the second half of 2013 to provide supporting services for vehicle production and transportation.

GWM's Xushui production base will uphold the mission of enhancing GWM's overall brand value and use the most advanced technological equipments to manufacture parts for the future models of GWM’s high-end SUV and pickup.

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