Compliance Statement
All GWM Employees, Shareholders and Business Partners: Compliance is the cornerstone for the steady development of the Company, and the inevitable requirement and fundamental guarantee for the Company to participate in global competition and achieve sustainable development. GWM is guided by the value of compliance and always adheres to the business philosophy of fairness and integrity. We have implemented this value in our actions and formulated the Global General Compliance Code of GWM (hereinafter referred to as the “Compliance Code”) in accordance with the laws and regulations, industry standards and compliance guidelines of the countries or regions involved in our business. The Compliance Code follows the principle of globalisation, reflects the GWM’s internationalization compliance perspective in the data security and privacy protection, trade compliance, commercial bribery, financial compliance, intellectual property rights and commercial secret protection. It is a programmatic document for the Company to carry out all compliance work, and the guide and the highest code of conduct of full compliance management. It is also the basis for formulating other compliance policies and business compliance guidelines. The Compliance Code represents the propositions and beliefs of the Company and requires all employees of GWM to know and strictly abide by the compliance obligations stipulated in the Compliance Code. Meanwhile, for the business renewal and expansion, GWM will continue to improve the Company's compliance program to ensure that it is sound, effective and suitable for the Company's business, and will always work with the government and society to create a compliance, fair and honest business environment!
Chairman of the Board:WEI Jianjun
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