Coffee OS
Instant response, natural and more convenient conversation
Coffee OS is a self-developed intelligent cockpit system by GWM, based on the design concept of "1 self-developed middleware" and "2 self-developed unified interfaces", it realizes "N hardware configurations + application service ecology". It comprehensively meets the user's travel experience needs and promotes the upgrade of interactive human-vehicle relationship. The new generation cockpit system, Coffee OS 2, can execute ten consecutive instructions across multiple domains with just one sentence, with a wake-up speed of 250ms and the industry's fastest voice interaction speed.
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Coffee Pilot
Focus on user travel scenarios and continuously improve user experience
Through the integration and coordination of sensor application, computing power, algorithms, perception, and data, coffee pilot uses the most suitable computing power and algorithm configuration to solve user pain points and provide consumers with the most cost-effective and best experience, delivering maximum consumer value. The high-speed NOH intelligent navigation assistance driving system, tailored for Chinese high way characteristics, includes six navigation functions: intelligent entrance and exit of ramps, intelligent avoidance of merging lanes, intelligent lane change protection, distracted fatigue monitoring, intelligent avoidance of large vehicles, and intelligent recognition of complex fork intersections.
Coffee AI Cloud
Explore mass innovation and innovative business operations, providing users with comprehensive Intelligent car life services
Based on the management of users and vehicles throughout their lifecycle, GWM is building an intelligent cloud platform that connects in-car systems and AIoT smart terminals, aggregates internal and external service ecosystems, and integrates intelligent transportation, smart communities, smart cities, and other infrastructure and third-party platforms. With a cloud-edge-end integrated system architecture based on unified operation and maintenance management, unified network access, and flexible control of business domains, it covers cloud-edge-end comprehensively, supports cloud computing services at any location, and meets the needs of millions of GWM vehicle owners for "nearby", "high availability", and "low latency" intelligent service access, empowering intelligent vehicles and building an open ecosystem.
Coffee EEA
"Centralized", "Intelligent", "Service-oriented"
In 2022, GWM launched GEEP4.0 electronic architecture based on centralized computing and regionalization in China. The new electronic and electrical architecture of GWM truly achieves a centralized, intelligent, and service-oriented computing architecture platform. It has completed the construction of a standardized software platform for the entire vehicle, which is a highly intelligent and all-round intelligent electronic architecture that anticipates user needs, creates user demands, and provides ultimate user experience. In the ultimate form of the future generation of electronic architecture, the entire vehicle has only one brain, fully realizing intelligent machine-human coexistence, and 100% SOA transformation.
About Coffee Intelligence
Coffee Intelligence is guided by user experience and needs, adhering to the technical concept of "safety, stability, and integration of three intelligences". It builds the intelligent foundation of the entire vehicle with electronic architecture, realizes safe and free travel with intelligent driving, provides versatile scenario services with intelligent cockpit, and connects unlimited intelligent life with intelligent ecosystem. It aims to create a future travel partner that integrates end and cloud, connects everything, can think, judge, and grow.
坚持以用户为中心,技术为用户服务的价值观,技术灵感从生活中汲取,技术应用刀生活中检验, 让技术