A Better Solution for Off-Road New Energy!
5 Core Advantages
Parallel petrol-electric
Parallel petrol-electric design to ensure continuous strong power
· The parallel petrol-electric mode achieves real-time complementary advantages accordingly. · The stable output of the engine can avoid stalling and high temperature caused by continuous peak output of the motor. · The electric machinery will ensure that the engine is always in the most efficient operating range, and it can improve power performance, smooth driving and reduce fuel consumption.
Mechanical 4WD
Mechanical 4WD, non-decoupling structure, no power loss
· Adopting mechanical 4WD, non-decoupling structure, and three differential locks, the power of the whole vehicle can be transmitted to one wheel. Even if a single wheel touches the ground, it can guarantee 100% output of the vehicle's torque, and realize easy escape in extreme scenes. · Support AWD, 2H, 4Hlock, 4Llock, support multiple driving modes, and meet power output requirements under various working conditions.
Energy management
Retract freely, without wasting any energy
· Hi4-T precise intelligent energy management can intelligently deploy the power according to urban, crossing, off-road, discharge etc. scenarios, and it can adjust automatically according to differenct driving habits. · Energy recovery strategy is highly compatible with the power system. The excess power is converted to electricity. And the energy can be recovered on releasing the accelerator pedal to save any energy.
Direct petrol drive
The power is declining moderately when the electricity runs out.
· Hi4-T adopts the parallel petrol-electric mode, and the car can be directly driven by either gasoline or electricity. When charging is not possible, the engine is directly driven, which can ensure continuous and stable power output and still meet the off-road power demand.
Innovative architecture
Non-load-bearing body, unique safety structure design
· Adopt multi-point installation and fixation in the horizontal and longitudinal beams of the vehicle girder, and a reinforced alloy anti-collision beam is installed at the battery rear to ensure battery safety.
Hi4-T Technical Highlights