GWM vehicles are equipped with the latest Active & Passive Safety features and have passed some of the strictest international safety criteria like the rollover crash test along with receiving the prestigious ANCAP safety rating.
The active safety features in our cars that helps prevent accidents include electronic stability control, adaptive cruise control, speed & lane control and collision warning amongst many others.
While the passive safety features include high-rigidity and extremely strong body structure with multi-level crumple zones along with Double SRS, ABS & EBD, driver, passenger and curtain airbags to ensure the security of driver and passengers.

T safety

Occupant Safety

Design a 9 dimensional protection to all the different stages involved in a driving task, to lower the probability of an accident to happen in advance and to mitigate the occupant injury level during the crash if inevitable.

Pedestrian Safety

Through active safety technologies like active pedestrian detection, passive structural design and intelligent pedestrian air bag system, reduce the pedestrian accident rate and mitigate pedestrian injury.

Vehicle Safety

Combining advanced configurations of Telematics, electronic theft proof and modern vehicle part technology, offers an integrated theft prevention system; Through better vehicle insurance structural design, lower the vehicle damage level and repair cost in low speed crash scenarios, thus serving better vehicle protection to customers.


The Great Wall Motor Safety Laboratory with advanced test capabilities started operations in April 2008 with a track length of 325 meters covering an area of 12,000 square meters.The safety laboratory covers four functional test rooms- vehicle crash test room, simulated crash test room, pedestrian protection test room and component safety test room, forming a complete passive safety performance development test system. The lab adheres to international independent innovation and development standards, and has built NCAP and C-IASI, IIHS and other insurance evaluation capabilities.

The safety laboratory has completed the safety performance testing of dozens of models such as Great Wall Sedan/Pickup Series, Haval SUV Series, WEY Series, and New Energy Vehicle Series. Through the efficient integration of performance analysis and product development, we have successfully ensured that each model adheres to the highest safety standards and NCAP star goals are achieved.

Safety Corevalue

Safety is set as the core value of GWM, at the beginning phase of each vehicle development, not only the NCAP star rating goals are set up, but also the field accidents are fully considered. GWM also devote herself to the promotion and propogation of the safety notion, in order to better proliferare safety notion and safety sense among all the consumers.