The World Renowned GWM POER Rolled its 300,000th Units Offline

GWM News 2022-05-17

On May 8, 2022, the 300,000th complete vehicle of GWM POER officially came off the production line in GWM Chongqing Smart Factory. From zero to 300,000, it took only 2 years and 8 months for GWM POER to demonstrate the "GWM POER speed" again, becoming the first China's high-end pickup brand with more than 300,000 units, and setting a new industry record. At the same time, the trailer model of passenger POER and commercial POER were officially launched with C6 trailer qualification, unlocking full-scenario pickup life, and creating a surprising experience for global users.

 It is another historic breakthrough in China's high-end pickup industry that the 300,000th complete vehicle of GWM POER came off the production line. It is not only an outcome of global development, but also an achievement of co-creation with global users, based on insight into user needs.


300,000 units in 2 years and 8 months refreshing "GWM POER speed"

The 300,000th complete vehicle of GWM POER came off the production line, creating a new "GWM POER speed". This is not only a new journey of GWM POER, but also another milestone achievement of China's pickups.

In just two years, GWM POER has achieved a leap from zero to 200,000 units. Now, it takes only eight months for GWM POER to complete the third 100,000 units. With those achievements, GWM POER shows its strong brand potential and development resilience, and strongly boosts the confidence in the development of China's pickup industry.


The achievement of 300,000 units is a strong demonstration for the strong systematic capacity and intelligent manufacturing strength of Chongqing Smart Factory. As the production base of GWM POER and the fifth full-process vehicle production base of GWM in the world, Chongqing Factory follows the concept of "green, environmentally friendly, lean and efficient" and strictly controls every link from parts screening to four processes and off-line detection to ensure high-quality delivery of each GWM POER coming off the production line, so as to gain the recognition and trust of 300,000 users around the world.


The achievement of 300,000 units is filled with the life attitude and stories of 300,000 users. With 31 provincial Car Clubs, 800,000 fans of GWM POER APP and six pickup academies, GWM POER and its users are truly having fun together to build a Chinese pickup cultural base, making pickup a life, an attitude and a spirit.


GWM POER also assumes the industry responsibility, and cooperates with China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, China Passenger Car Association and various pickup partners to jointly promote the introduction of new standards for pickups, prepare for the establishment of pickup associations and open up new market opportunities for pickups. According to statistics, at present, the cities that relax the restrictions on pickups entering urban areas are more than 70% throughout the country.

Trailer models of passenger POER and commercial POER were launched, enabling users to enjoy full- scenario pickup life

Only by perseverance can one go steadily and far. As the leader of pickups, GWM POER has always adhered to category innovation, building various category brands with category leading position, has made brands the representative of categories, and has devoted all-round efforts to passenger category for leisure and commercial category, leading the 3.0 version of multi-purpose passenger-oriented era for pickups. The leap from zero to 300,000 units is the achievement of GWM POER's deep insight into user needs and continuous category innovations.

The 300,000th model off the production line this time is a trailer model of passenger POER, while launched simultaneously are the passenger POER model and the trailer model of commercial POER. On April 1, this year, the relevant regulations of C6 light towing trailer were officially implemented. In order to meet the diversified needs of users, GWM POER launches a more cost-effective trailer model of passenger POER and commercial POER on the basis of various POER models. The whole series of GWM POER have been deployed with trailer models.

The trailer model of the GWM POER has powerful functions, has the trailer towing qualification of C6 driving license and the 2.5-ton trailer qualification with reserved power outlet and the rear traction device, which can infinitely expand the use scenarios of the trailer, including transporting motorcycles, towing yachts, RV, motorboat, etc., perfectly adapt to full-scenario pickup life, and let users enjoy the charm of pickup culture.

Establishing China's brand image and leading China's high-end manufacturing to the world

Since its launch, GWM POER has deeply implemented the globalization strategy and has become a "Chinese business card" for global pickups. Up to now, GWM POER has been sold in more than 50 countries on four continents in the world, and has become the first Chinese brand with five-star safety rating under the latest Australia ANCAP standard, establishing a Chinese brand image in the global stage.

Now, the 300,000th complete vehicle of GWM POER is off the production line, further contributing to the global development of Chinese pickups and even Chinese manufacturing. With its hard-core strength, GWM POER has led China's high-end manufacturing to the world, showing the world the China's strength of automobile manufacturing.

The launch of the 300,000th complete vehicle of GWM POER is a new leap, as well as a new start. Based on the brand value and user trust accumulated by 300,000 pickups around the world, GWM POER will aspire to be the top 3 in the world to promote the deeper and further development of globalization, will continue to build a full-scenario pickup life, and will lead the Chinese pickup culture to step further, and will co-create a new landscape of pickups with global users.