HAVAL H6GT Launched in Iraq

GWM News 2022-06-30

On June 21, GWM released the launching video of HAVAL H6 GT on the official Facebook page HAVALIRAQ in the form of an online press conference. For the first time, Iraq became the first overseas stop for HAVAL H6 GT.

GWM's rising star, HAVAL H6 GT, featuring fashion, passion and driving pleasure, awakens the multi-faceted life together with global users, embarking on a journey towards the Middle East and showing its trendy style in the overseas market.


The video was shot on the race track in Baghdad, with a well-known racing driver to take part in the test drive. GWM have made an in-depth analysis of local youth culture, attracting different user groups and getting more attention online. More than 30 influential local media attended the event and were impressed by the strength of HAVAL H6 GT.

As we know, motorsport tests a driver's courage and skills and requires a high degree of control over speed. The HAVAL H6 GT is specially provided with track mode and exhaust sound wave system tuned professionally. The car can easily accelerate to 180 km/h, highly consistent with the motorsport, showing its pursuit of passion, fashion, and multi-faceted life.

The vehicle to be launched was unveiled with a series of teasers. A "mysterious outline" picture for this model was released on May 11, which was a warm-up. On May 12, the first front picture was updated, triggering a heated discussion among netizens.

On June 18, the "Night Flash" video was released, highlighting the center console, wheel hub, interior trim and GT logo. The video gained more than 130,000 views in just 20 minutes and received the first batch of orders with unprecedented popularity. On June 21, the theme video of "Raceway Passion" was released, and the static picture of HAVAL H6GT viewed from different perspectives in the store was updated. As of the press time, the video gained nearly 70,000 views.

Since its entry into the Iraqi market, GWM deeply combined the promotion of new models with local film festivals, Lesser Bairam, community care and other activities.  It made GWM enjoy popular support and brand premiumization through Internet celebrity endorsements and offline promotions at New Year. The HAVAL H6GT launch in Iraq is another important witness of GWM's brand progress globally.