TANK 300 Launches in Saudi Arabia, GWM Starts a New Journey with An Overseas Sales of One Million Vehicles

GWM News 2022-07-07

On July 3 (local time), the "Overseas Debut of TANK & Launch of TANK 300" was solemnly held in KAFD in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. The TANK brand was launched overseas for the first time and the overseas sales of GWM reached a milestone of one million vehicles.

On July 3 (local time), the "Overseas Debut of TANK & Launch of TANK 300" was solemnly held in KAFD in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. The TANK brand was launched overseas for the first time and the overseas sales of GWM reached a milestone of one million vehicles.

Born global, the TANK brand goes overseas for the first time to push forward the brand premiumization

Taking the Middle East as the starting point, GWM's TANK brand has demonstrated its high-quality implementation of globalization strategy and its determination to continuously develop the potential market.

Xu Huanzhi, Middle East General Manager of GWM, announced the strategy of the TANK brand at the launch of TANK 300 in Saudi Arabia: Born global and based on the Chinese market, TANK has established a leading position among the similar products.  On this basis, it is planned to quickly enter the overseas market. As the global off-road potential market, the Middle East is the first stop for the globalization of TANK. The TANK brand balances off-road and urban scenarios, deeply explores the demands of the new users in the Middle East, and opens up a new SUV category.

Mr. Gautam Arun, Middle East Product Director of GWM, comprehensively analyzed the technical strength of the TANK platform, interpreted the TANK product design concept as "fresh", "unique" and "free", and demonstrated the intelligence, luxury, and comfort of TANK 300 off-road vehicles around the three concepts, winning the praise of on-site guests and media.

GWM has cooperated with local dealers in Saudi Arabia since 2017, and both parties have worked together to reshape Saudi users' impression of Chinese auto brands. Standing at the new starting point of "overseas sales of 1 million vehicles", both parties once again jointly released the new SUV brand - TANK. In the future, GWM will upgrade its user operation mode of the TANK brand in the Saudi market, penetrate geographical barriers through Internet technology, and realize the co-creation of TANK brand with global users.

Continuous success of global-oriented products, new starting point from a sales volume of one million

In the past two years, thanks to the successful launching of global strategic models such as the 3rd Gen HAVAL H6, HAVAL JOLION, POER and HAVAL DARGO, the overseas sales volume of GWM has increased significantly, providing a growth engine for GWM to rapidly reach the "overseas sales of 1 million vehicles".

Up to now, GWM's global-oriented products based on the three major technical brands have entered major countries and regions. In such competitive markets as Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Chile, GWM is accelerating the launch of global-oriented products. At the same time, the brands and products of GWM have won the trust and favor of many users in emerging auto markets such as Thailand, Egypt, Nepal, Brunei, Pakistan and Laos.

Riding the wave of electrification, GWM will launch many NEV products in Australia, one of the important regions of GWM's globalization strategy, embarking on an electrification journey in this market energetically. In the ASEAN auto market, GWM has launched three NEV products - HAVAL H6 HEV, ORA GOODCAT and HAVAL JOLION HEV in the past year. Based on the auto market in Thailand, GWM is also actively exploring the markets in Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Singapore and other countries and regions. In June this year, GWM launched HAVAL H6 GT in the Iraqi market. As another global SUV model of GWM, HAVAL H6 GT focuses on a variety of themes such as coolness, passion and driving pleasure, aiming at waking up a multi-faceted life together with global users.

As an auto brand that has been deeply developing overseas markets for more than two decades, GWM has embarked on a new journey of "selling 1 million plus vehicles overseas" by virtue of its advantages in electrified, intelligent and youthful products.

Deeply engaged in localized operation, GWM rocks the world

In the process of globalization, GWM has been deeply engaged in localized operation, and supported the hot sales of high-quality products of GWM in overseas markets with high-quality sales services and localized brand marketing.

Over the years, GWM has been adhering to the principle of "customer-centered". In order to solve the charging problem of the owners of ORA GOODCAT in Thailand, GWM has not only provided users with free charging piles and free installation of household charging piles, but also built the world's first supercharging station integrating photovoltaic energy storage and charging in Siam Square, Bangkok, Thailand, to provide users with free and convenient 24-hour recharging services. In the Australia market, GWM regards the cooperation with sports events as part of its “localized marketing” strategy, and actively creates localized marketing IPs to empower its brand image by sponsoring influential events such as triathlon and WSL surfing. In the Chilean market, thanks to the close cooperation with OXFORD Bicycle to hold different events such as Cycling Tour of Chile, Downhill Mountain Biking, Santo Domingo Enduro, GWM continues to strengthen the interaction between brands and users, making the brand image of GWM popular.

Standing at the new starting point of overseas sales of 1 million vehicles, GWM adheres to the "customer-centered" approach, and works with global users to "Rock the world with our GIFT" through continuously deepening localized operation, so as to accelerate the transformation into a global intelligent technology company.