GWM ORA European Experience Center Design Wins "2022 German Brand Award"

GWM News 2022-08-30

In Berlin, Germany, GWM ORA European Experience Center Design recently won the Silver of the "2022 German Brand Award " awarded by the German Design Committee.

In Berlin, Germany, GWM ORA European Experience Center Design recently won the Silver of the "2022 German Brand Award " awarded by the German Design Committee. The German Brand Award was initiated by the German Brand Research Institute jointly established by the German Brand and Design Committee and the consulting company GMK Markenberatung. It is one of the most important awards in the German brand industry. GWM is the first Chinese automobile brand to win the award. This honor marks the first in-depth "self-analysis and spiritual core presentation" of GWM ORA to European users, and it is also a solid step for GWM ORA in its European journey.


GWM ORA Europe always takes "providing digital, intelligent and entertaining products and services, becoming a travel companion for all human beings in the digital era" as its vision, and "opening a new chapter of true friendship, building a friend-like, reliable, trustworthy and caring brand, and actively sharing hope and happiness" as its mission. Through product strength, it tells the new experience of travel accompanying human beings given by technology, and creatively puts forward the concept of "creating a better future for users with the power of friendship".

The award-winning "European Experience Center Design" is a vivid interpretation of the brand concept of "THE BRAND AS A FRIEND" in ORA Europe. The whole space is closely centered on the brand core keywords such as "friendship, loyalty, care, reliability, hope and environmental friendly" to build a user experience scenario of "harmony and symbiosis". In particular, the "social space" has been uplifted to the top priority of spatial functions. Social integration experience can make users truly feel "ORA LOVES YOU" from the three sensory dimensions - vision, touch and interaction, and be deeply affected by this strong interactive journey, so that more people can naturally bid farewell to isolation and connect with each other to build an ORA space that resonates with the spiritual world where European users yearn for freedom and value emotional life.

In addition to the unprecedented design concept, the material selection and layout of the space are also unique. The selection of materials is consistent with the brand's low-carbon and green lifestyle concept. The application of recyclable materials in space further demonstrates GWM's social responsibility and care for European users. The changeable design of the space module makes it possible for "elastic space" - freeness, love for freedom, dare to try and break through. The DNA contained in these ORA brands are all reflected in space.

In the meanwhile, the application of modern technology has added a low-key but advanced sense of technology to the whole space, enhanced the user experience, and let users feel the scientific and technological quality of GWM. It is also a perfect implementation of the digital, intelligent and entertainment space. Moreover, the space is unlimited, just as ORA's products, always embracing changes, technologies, users and innovations!

People-vehicle-life is a relatively independent and connected tripartite. ORA European Experience Center divides and re-integrates different display areas and interprets this concept exclusively for ORA. Behind this, it reflects ORA ideas on space design and also conveys the brand-new user operation philosophy of Chinese automobiles. From China to Europe, and from Europe to the world, ORA always pursues the leading edge.


The success of the ORA European Experience Center Design is inseparable from the inheritance of the concept and spirit of the parent brand-GWM, and even more inseparable from the innovation and refinement endowed by the ORA itself. This award represents a key step towards the international recognition of Chinese automobile brands. We believe that for ORA and GWM, this is just a "prelude" to the journey of GWM and ORA in Europe. In the future, we will continue to practice the brand concept of ORA and bring truly friendly and human-oriented product experience and user experience to European users!