WEY Coffee 01 and ORA wins the EURO NCAP Best in Class 2022

GWM News 2023-01-29

Munich, January 12, 2023. Two of the year's best come from China: the WEY Coffee 01 plug-in SUV and the ORA pure-electric compact car from Chinese vehicle manufacturer Great Wall Motor (GWM) received the "Best in Class" award from the European Vehicle Safety Association Euro NCAP.

The WEY Coffee 01 wins the "Best in Class" award from the Euro NCAP

Source: Euro NCAP official website

According to the official release of Euro NCAP, many new Chinese auto brands came to Europe in 2022 and achieved excellent results. Chinese brands can now compete with established European brands in terms of safety. WEY Coffee 01 and ORA are equipped with excellent equipment, ranking first among similar products, and their performance is superior to other well-known brands at the same level.

As one of the world's most rigorous and authoritative automotive safety testing institutions, Euro NCAP safety standards are extremely strict, and the scoring results are also very authoritative. It is providing vehicle safety reference for global automotive users. In 2022, three models under GWM, including the WEY Coffee 01, Coffee 02 and the ORA, won the Euro NCAP five-star rating. Among them, WEY Coffee 01 ranked as top 3 in the comprehensive ranking of 2022 with its comprehensive performance superior to that of traditional luxury models.

What is more valuable than obtaining the Euro NCAP five-star rating is the obtaining of the "Best in Class" award. The latter selection process is more rigorous. Among all models that have passed the test in 2022, the evaluation was conducted by weighting the four levels of adult occupant protection, child occupant protection, vulnerable road user protection and safety assistance. Only the model with the highest score can obtain the only honor. Wey Coffee 01 and ORA won the the "Best in Class" award of Euro NCAP, which not only represented its top safety performance, but also represented the confidence of GWM to enter the European automobile market with high quality.

As the birthplace of automobile, Europe's strict access system and complex standards have become the touchstone of high-quality automobile products in the world. At the Paris Auto Show in 2022, WEY Coffee 01 and ORA were officially launched in Europe, and draw a wave of orders. At present, the first batch of 300 WEY Coffee 01 have arrived in Europe and started to be delivered. The order volume of WEY Coffee 01 in Europe has exceeded 17000, and the delivery volume has risen. GWM is going abroad with its excellent product strength, entering the high potential market and gaining high recognition from overseas markets.

GWM always insists on putting user safety in the first place, and takes safety as the core appeal of product research and development. Under the trend of globalization, it will synchronize international high-level concepts and create more high-end new energy products around the world, continuously improve the vehicle safety standards according to world-class standards, and promote the development of products to higher quality and higher safety to show the outstanding strength of Chinese brands on the international stage.