GWM DHT and 9AT Win World Top Ten Hybrid System and Transmission

GWM News 2023-04-03

On March 27th, the "Longpan Cup" evaluation results of the 6th World Top Ten Transmission and the 1st World Top Ten Hybrid Power System sponsored by the Automotive Evaluation Institute were officially released. GWM DHT was awarded the first World Top 10 Hybrid System, and GWM 9AT was awarded the World Top 10 Transmission.

Over the years, the Automotive Evaluation Research Institute has been deeply engaged in research in the field of automotive power technology, and its professional evaluation has become a weather vane of industry and an important reference for consumers. Winning two awards this time means that GWM’s innovative development in the field has once again been recognized by industry authorities.

GWM DHT ushers in the Era of Hybrid Technology for Chinese Brands

Launched in December 2020, GWM DHT is a hybrid technology that is completely independently designed, developed, and has independent intellectual property rights. It is also the earliest independently developed hybrid system enabled by GWM forest ecosystem, breaking the technical barriers in the field of advanced hybrid technology, and opening the era of hybrid technology for Chinese automotive brands.


As a new energy architecture that pursues optimal efficiency, best driving experience, and the highest degree of intelligence in the full speed range, GWM DHT has five modes: pure electric, series, parallel, direct drive, and energy recovery. It is the first to break through the single gear direct drive mode, and innovatively integrates the two gear parallel axis structure, achieving optimal energy efficiency and experience in the four core scenarios of urban, suburban, high-speed, and climbing.

The 3rd Gen H6 DHT-PHEV is a vehicle model adopted the technology. Its engine can always maintain the optimal energy efficiency range, start quickly, and respond promptly. Its maximum power is up to 240 kW, and its maximum torque is up to 530 N · m. With sufficient power reserves, overtaking is easy. WLTC's 100km fuel consumption is as low as 5.6L, easily achieving a range of more than 1100km, demonstrating the strong competitiveness of Chinese automotive brands in the hybrid field.

Based on the continuous evolution of the forest ecosystem, GWM has continuously upgraded its hybrid power. Recently, it officially released the world's first new intelligent four-wheel drive hybrid technology, Hi4. The new Hi4 achieves three major innovations, namely, the "new configuration" of hybrid with three power sources and dual axis distribution, the "new breakthrough" of iTVC intelligent torque vector control system, and the "new height" of electromechanical coupling transmission system. It is a “glass ceiling" technology truly achieved "4WD equivalent to the price of 2WD " and "optimal efficiency under all operating conditions and trouble-free driving in all scenarios.".

The new Hi4 will be firstly applied on the HAVAL Xiaolong MAX, and the full range of new energy products of GWM will also be carried in succession. By 2024, 4WD will be fully popularized. In the future, it will be fully open source technology, and will start an era of universal electric 4WD.

Fill in the technical gap and create China's first vertical 9AT transmission

GWM 9AT is the first vertical 9AT transmission in China, filling the technical gap of Chinese automotive brands in the field of advanced hydraulic automatic transmissions. Under the premise of ensuring controllable transmission size, the transmission has achieved a bearing capacity of up to 750N · m, which can match the torque requirements of different engines such as 2.0T, 3.0T gasoline engines or diesel engines. It is suitable for different models such as medium and large SUVs, pickups, and sedans.

GWM 9AT has 9 gears, with a gear ratio range of 8.843. The gear ratios are relatively dense, providing better gear shifting smoothness, effectively balancing power and economy. The gear ratio in 1st gear is 5.288, providing more sufficient torque output in low gear, and having a stronger ability to free. It can meet the power needs of users for high-end quality and sheer strength vehicles in all scenarios such as business, household, travel, and off-road. The first TANK 500 with the 9AT have been launched.

Standing in front of the era of intelligent new energy, GWM has continuously broken through technological boundaries through innovation, continuously improving its core competitiveness, accelerating technology popularity and fairness, continuously providing users with high value product experiences, filling the gap of new energy vehicles, and promoting the further development of automotive industry.