Australian Ambassador to China Visits GWM

GWM News 2023-07-14

On July 10, the delegation led by H.E. Graham Fletcher, the Australian Ambassador to China, visited GWM and looked forward to promoting local green mobility cooperation projects in Australia, accompanied by Mu Feng, President of GWM and others.

In recent years, GWM has seen a rapid growth in Australia, and its new energy penetration rate has been increasing, which has attracted extensive attention. The Australian federal government hopes that GWM, as an excellent manufacturer in the new energy field, will increase investment in the local area, carry out more extensive cooperation and jointly promote local green mobility.

Mu Feng, President of GWM (first from left), H.E. Graham Fletcher, Ambassador of the Australian Embassy to China (second from left)

The ambassador and his delegation visited GWM Technology Center, Xushui Smart Factory, FTXT and other enterprises in the forest ecosystem of GWM. Mu Feng introduced the overall situation of GWM to the ambassador and the delegation, focusing on the cutting-edge technology in the field of intelligence and electrification, especially the forest ecosystem, which takes the whole vehicle as the core, comprehensively distributes energy, intelligence and other related technology industries, realizes multi species interaction, and continues to evolve. At present, GWM has become the only enterprise in China and the second in the world that has completed the flat, networked and decentralized layout of the whole industrial chain in energy and intelligence.


Ambassador H.E. Graham Fletcher recognized GWM 'comprehensive strength, and said that the Australian federal government has released a carbon neutral plan, which plans to increase the proportion of green electricity in Australia to 82% by 2030. GWM' investment in the whole industrial chain in the new energy field is impressive, and he expected GWM to continue to invest in new energy in Australia, continuously launch the latest products, and achieve better market performance.