GWM Launches ORA 03 in Brazil

GWM News 2023-07-26

On July 20, 2023, GWM, as the most powerful "new power" brand in the Brazilian automobile market, launched the second local blockbuster new energy product, ORA 03. Hundreds of media and user fans from all over Brazil witnessed the release of this high-quality electric car at Interlagos, the famous F1 track in Sao Paulo, Brazil. During the launch event, Oswaldo Ramos, Great Wall Motor 'Brazilian chief commercial officer, announced that blind booking was opened in Mercado Livre, Brazil's largest e-commerce platform. Users can pay a deposit of 9,000 Real (approximately 13,500 yuan) to book, and the specific selling price will be officially announced in August. The first batch of vehicles are planned to be delivered to users in October.


Just a few minutes after the blind booking opened at 3 pm, a car owner who had previously purchased the HAVAL H6, Alexandre, posted the order voucher for his second car of GWM, the ORA 03, on the app community, Alex posted, "Since becoming the owner of the HAVAL H6, I can fully feel that GWM's care for users is unique. This is also the reason why I immediately placed an order for ORA 03. I believe in the GWM brand's care and commitment to users.

As a representative of the appearance of Chinese brand pure electric vehicles, ORA 03 has maintained a fashionable and exquisite sense in Brazil that is consistent with which in the Chinese market. LED cat's eye headlights and flowing light curtain style taillights, paired with classic Morandi color, perfectly match the aesthetic of users in Latin America. Meanwhile, ORA 03 has achieved the highest five-star rating in the most rigorous E-NCAP testing, and the vehicle is equipped with an AEB (Automatic Emergency Braking) system, providing users with a higher level of safety on the roads of Brazil where motorcycles are prevalent. In addition, ORA 03 is also equipped with parking assistance, Apple Carplay, Android Auto, and other intelligent start systems. After the intelligent start system detects the driver entering, it can be easily started by lightly pressing the pedal without the need for a single button. These intelligent configurations are considered to be beyond the same level of cars in Brazil.

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The high popularity of ORA 03 also confirms the rapid rise of GWM in the Brazilian market. Since April 2023, GWM has delivered the first batch of HAVAL H6 to users. In May, it won the champion of new energy sales in Brazil with a market share of 14.39%. In June, it continued to grow to 14.81%, winning the new energy sales champion for two consecutive months. HAVAL H6 has also become GWM's first star single product model in Brazil.

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The launching of ORA 03 in Brazil will further strengthen the position of Chinese brands represented by GWM in the Brazilian market, driving the acceleration of electrification in Brazil; With the official operation of GWM's Brazilian factory in 2024, and the realization of local production and sales of the first hybrid pickup in Brazil, Great Wall Motor's sales and brand awareness in Brazil will be further boosted, and its leadership in the new energy field in Brazil and even in the entire Latin America region will be consolidated.