GWM HAVAL H6 New Energy Wins Four Annual Awards for "Best Buy " in Brazil

GWM News 2023-08-11

Recently, the results of Brazil's annual "Best Buy" selection were announced, and the HAVAL H6 new energy won four annual awards and was selected as the "Highlight of the Year" of 2023.

At the award ceremony

In the " Best Buy " selection, the HAVAL H6 New Energy won the highest award - the "Highlight of The Year" award. At the same time, in the "Hybrid Models below 300,000 Reais (approximately 450,000 RMB)" selection, the HAVAL H6 HEV model won the championship, the PHEV model won third place, and in the more high-end "Hybrid Models above 300,000 Reais" selection, the HAVAL H6 GT PHEV achieved excellent results in second place.

The selection was organized by the authoritative Brazilian automotive evaluation media "Quatro Rodas" which has a history of 23 years. This award is one of the most prestigious awards in the Brazilian automotive industry, with the characteristic that the 'Best Buy' focuses more on user needs. The model selection process not only includes rigorous testing and experience by the media, but also requires a comprehensive evaluation of product prices, depreciation/insurance costs, accessory supply, sales network, and other items.

HAVAL H6 new energy series won the " Highlight of The Year " award

Oswaldo Ramos, Chief Business Officer (CCO) of GWM Brazil, said at the award ceremony, "HAVAL H6 new energy has won such an important award in just a few months since its launch in Brazil, proving that GWM's specialized development and efforts for the Brazilian market and users are correct, and also enhancing our confidence in continuing to invest and launch new products in the Brazil.

In order to better meet the needs of the Brazilian users, GWM has conducted local optimization and tuning of its launched products from the inside out, including appearance style, chassis suspension, intelligent configuration, etc., all of which are more in line with the driving habits and road conditions of Brazilian users. The HAVAL H6 new energy is paired with DHT technology, with a comprehensive range of over 1,000 kilometers. The PHEV model has a pure electric range of 170 kilometers, and the GT model accelerates from 0-100 km/h within 4.8 seconds. DHT technology not only solves the problem of range anxiety of users, but also meets the optimal efficiency in all scenarios and speed ranges, ensuring efficient power output under low energy consumption. It can be said that it is currently the most suitable new energy mobility solution for the Brazilian market.

In addition, thanks to the support of technological and business innovation, in the past three months from May to July, HAVAL H6 New Energy achieved a sales record of nearly 3,000 units, continuously occupying the top position in Brazil's new energy sales, with a new energy market share of over 12%. With the official launch of ORA 03 in Brazil in August and the official operation of GWM's Brazil factory in 2024, Chinese new energy brands represented by GWM will further accelerate the electrification upgrade in Brazil and gain more market attention and recognition in Brazil and even the entire Latin America.