GWM Sees a New Era after 26 Years of Global Development

GWM News 2023-09-26

GWM has embarked on a unique path of global development through 26 years of exploration and practice. From a simple trade pattern in 1997 to a profound layout of the entire industry chain, it has been focusing on "ONE GWM" and practicing "Global Ecosystem", and has achieved its first overseas monthly sales of over 30,000 vehicles in August this year. This is a microcosm of achievements that benefit from its adherence to a long-term strategy at the operational level and symbolize that an overseas blueprint of GWM is taking shape.

By focusing on 'One GWM,' GWM enters the fourth stage of high-quality overseas development.

GWM was one of the first Chinese automobile companies to go global, and has gone through three important stages of development: initial, rapid development, and strategic upgrading. Guided by a long-term strategy, GWM is entering a new stage of high-quality overseas development – the “ONE GWM” era.

At the end of 2022, GWM officially announced the 'ONE GWM' global action plan, which established a complex channel structure with GWM's parent brand leading the category brands, working together for brand premiumization. At this stage, the localization operation of GWM overseas will pay more attention to the improvement of "quality", deepen the connotation of "Global Ecosystem", and support brand advantages.

As early as 1997, GWM began exporting pickups to the Middle East, marking the beginning of its overseas strategy. In the following seven years, GWM ranked first in the cumulative export volume of pickups and SUVs in the Chinese market; In 2005, GWM began to develop its overseas KD assembly business, and the "Global Ecosystem" strategy began to take shape. During this period, the HAVAL brand was sold in Italy, setting a record for Chinese brands exporting in bulk to the European Union markets. This marked GWM's initial attempt to enter the high-potential market. In 2014, with the laying of the foundation of GWM's overseas factory as a milestone, it officially entered the stage of strategic upgrading. Subsequently, it quickly invested in the Rayong factory in Thailand, and the Iracemápolis factory in Brazil. GWM's global development pattern including R&D, production, and sales began to take shape.

From the very beginning of tapping into overseas markets to continuous breakthroughs in sales performance, and then to the layout of heavy assets—all the way to the current layout of the entire industry chain and the focus on 'ONE GWM'—long-termism runs through it. In 26 years, GWM has embarked on a high-quality development path of overseas.

High value technologies and products creating a differentiated path for high-quality overseas development

In the era of "ONE GWM", GWM adheres to the core of "intelligent new energy", and let it become the key factors driving GWM to accelerate its pace to overseas markets.

All five major brands of GWM have gone overseas, and high-value intelligent new energy products such as HAVAL H6 New Energy, TANK 500 New Energy, ORA 03, and WEY Coffee 01 are accelerating their presence in overseas markets. Advanced new energy and intelligent technologies such as Hi4, Hi4-T, autonomous driving, and intelligent cockpit will continue to provide technical endorsement for the global models of GWM, creating a high-value mobility experience for global users.

GWM has achieved a breakthrough in the high potential vehicle market through intelligent new energy products. GWM has made multiple appearances at the Paris Motor Show, IAA MOBILITY, and EVS35, receiving attention from overseas markets and obtaining the UN R155 CSMS Certificate—an important step toward compliance in overseas high-potential markets.

The high value of intelligent new energy products has also won the trust of overseas users. In 2023, the Coffee 01 and ORA 03 won the Best Model of Euro NCAP in 2022. These high-value global star products are influencing global users' definitions of safety, intelligence, and new energy products, and even overturning European users' long existing perception of Chinese auto brands and traditional luxury brands.

GWM is ready to introduce more high-end products into overseas markets, enter more challenging markets, and meet the higher demands of users. GWM is gaining momentum in brand premiumization and high-quality global development.

Adhering to long-term principles, GWM is persistent in an ecological layout of the entire industrial chain for overseas development

 “Global Ecosystem” is a unique model for the overseas development of GWM. Through the investment on overseas factories, GWM has brought production, R&D abroad, and improved local talent cultivation and recruitment, forming a comprehensive overseas ecosystem and industry chain.

Through the 'Global Ecosystem' model, the GWM brand image is taking root overseas, and the brand's 'soft power' is gradually influencing the global market. In 2023, GWM ranked 20th among the BrandZ global brands in China and became the official vehicle for the 2023 BRICS Summit and Media Summit, showcasing GWM's excellent brand appeal in cross-border activities.