GWM ORA 03 Wins TopGear South Africa Award 2023

GWM News 2023-12-19

On December 7th, the first TopGear South Africa Awards 2023 ceremony, organized by a professional automotive media brand under the BBC, was held in Johannesburg, South Africa. The GWM ORA 03 stood out among numerous car models through a strict review process and evaluation system and won one of the titles.

As the first pure electric model of GWM in the South African market, the ORA 03 has received unanimous praise in the South African market. The local leading automotive media once commented that the South African market needs such a pure electric vehicle model to set a positive trend in the segmented market, and the ORA 03 will be the leader in this segmented market; Kumbi-M on Cars also gave high praise to the ORA 03, believing that it is a fashionable and environmentally friendly car model. The strong acceleration provided by the pure electric powertrain makes urban commuting a pleasure.

GWM has always been adhering to high-quality development in South Africa and has been consistently ranked first in Chinese brand sales during its 16 years of deep cultivation in South Africa. With profound insights,GWM has laid out new energy vehicle models in South Africa in advance. After the HAVAL H6 HEV and HAVAL JOION HEV quickly became market leaders, it quickly launched the pure electric model ORA 03 which also made it the first Chinese automotive brand to complete the ICE+HEV+EV product layout in South Africa.

At the same time, in order to implement the "global ecosystem" strategy, GWM actively interacted with various sectors of society in South Africa, promoted new energy vehicle products, and conducted social education and technology popularization work on energy transformation. GWM has closely interacted with The Automobile Association of South Africa, donating advanced DHT transmissions and battery pack assemblies for efficient hybrid electric (HEV) models to local schools to promote China's new energy technology capabilities and root the technological insight of Chinese cars in the local area.

Adhering to the concept of "rooted in South Africa and serving South Africa", GWM will launch more new energy models in 2024, with South Africa as the center and leveraging its advantages, to bring disruptive intelligent new energy product experiences to users in countries such as Tanzania and Mauritius.