GWM TANK 300 Wins Top 10 finalists as the Only Rugged 4x4 model

GWM News 2024-01-09

Recently, Australian automotive media Carsales announced the Top 10 finalists of the 2023 Car of the Year. The TANK 300, as the only rugged 4x4 model to be nominated, claimed a new honor.

Carsales is a well-known automotive buying and selling platform and vehicle research company in Australia. Every year, it selects 30 new models on the market and strictly decides the Top 10 finalists. The finalists will be tested by 10 judges after one-week long test, and assessment is based on four criteria: Safety, Innovation and technology, Practicality and presentation, and Road testing. With reference to comprehensive cost of ownership data supplied to Carsales exclusively by Australia’s number-one automotive valuation authority, it is selected after comprehensive voting, and t its authority is trustworthy .


Crucially, each vehicle is assessed in the context of its market segment rather than against the other finalists and the award is presented to the entire range rather than a single variant.As the only rugged off-road model, the TANK 300 stood out among the competitors and represented its leading position in the Australian off-road vehicle market.

With its high-quality design and smart, luxurious, and off-road capabilities, the TANK 300 perfectly meets the dual needs of Australian consumers for off road and family use. When the Drive media conducted the first test of the model, they said: " Everywhere we took the TANK 300 on our launch drive, we were surrounded with people either wanting to know what it was, or know more about it."

In terms of safety, which consumers pay special attention to, the TANK 300 has obtained five-star ANCAP safety rating. And GWM has been maintaining the record of five-star ratings for all its products.

In addition to its excellent market performance, TANK 300 is also active in various sports events in Australia. Whether it is the long-term sponsorship of the World Surf League or the AusCycling event that has just established a partnership, GWM TANK 300 has been committed to being a promoter of a healthy outdoor lifestyle and providing new mobility options for local consumers.

In the future, GWM will continue to take root in the Australia, insist on being user-centered, and continue to expand its members. The GWM TANK 500 will also be launched in Australia in 2024, and will continue to improve the product series with off-road hybrid technology Hi4-T to bring consumers more benefits of high-quality and more advanced driving experience to meet the differentiated needs of more local consumers.