GWM wins Double Awards from Mexican authoritative media

GWM News 2024-01-10

Recently, the authoritative Mexican media Excelsior announced awards such as Best Car Brand and Best Model in Mexico for 2023. GWM stood out in this annual selection and won two best awards: GWM won the "2023 First New Car Brand", and HAVAL JOION HEV won the "2023 TOP 1 SUV ".

Excelsior Media is one of the three major media groups in Mexico, founded in 1917. It is one of the oldest and most widely circulated media organizations in Mexico. With more than a century of history Excelsior has developed into a comprehensive media organization that integrates multimedia platforms such as television, radio, print, and digital media.

In this annual selection, multiple brands from Japan, Germany, China and other countries participated. As a new brand in the Mexican market, GWM stood out among many brands with its brand impression of new energy, profound technological strength, and trendy appearances. In the selection, Excelsior recognized the GWM brand's positioning of "clean, safe, and intelligent", as well as the five-star safety standards and advanced product technology and features. It is hoped that GWM can provide Mexican users with more futuristic and technological products, promoting the upgrading of the local automotive industry.

The HAVAL JOION HEV, as the third new energy vehicle launched by GWM in the Mexican market, has been awarded the title of "2023 TOP 1 SUV " in Mexico. HAVAL JOION is a fashionable and intelligent new energy vehicle designed specifically for emerging consumer groups in Mexico. Targeting young people with a clear product positioning and precise user profile, it has become a leader in the compact SUV segment market. HAVAL JOLIONHEV adopts a brand new design language to create the fashion aesthetics of Generation Z, catering to young consumers. It is also equipped with GWM hybrid DHT technology, bringing users a comfortable and safe driving and riding experience with perfect combination of powerful performance and efficiency.

Faced with the new market in Mexico, where numerous brands cluster, GWM adheres to a differentiated brand positioning and a product positioning of new energy, intelligence, and safety. Since September 2023, with three new energy vehicles, it has quickly been launched in the market and occupied the minds of users. At the same time, GWM continuously innovates its service experience and cooperates with financial banks such as BBVA and logistics DHT to create a better service ecosystem; Collaborating with the Starbucks brand to create a space for coffee and cars to accompany users in the "House of Tomorrow" store, not only enhancing the user's car buying experience, but also perfectly conveying the brand's new lifestyle of "clean mobility, exquisite life". The heavyweight award presented by authoritative media not only represents the recognition of GWM brand value and product value by the media, but also demonstrates the correctness of GWM' deep cultivation of localization and long-term strategic direction.

With the successive launch of new cars and the gradual expansion of sales networks. In 2024, GWM will further accelerate its pace and promote its global strategy advancement in the Mexican market. With the developing of markets such as Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Peru, and the high-quality development of GWM in Latin America and global markets, the global brand strategy of building GWM is steadily being implemented.