GWM launches its first CKD project in the ASEAN region

GWM News 2024-01-11

On January 3rd, GWM and EP Manufacturing Berhad (EPMB), a large listed manufacturing conglomerate in Malaysia, officially signed a contract for CKD assembly cooperation. This year, GWM will officially start assembly production, marking the official launch of its first CKD (Completely Knocked Down) project in the ASEAN region. Through CKD assembly, GWM will further establish a foothold in the local area for joint development. Through localized production, it will deeply practice the concept of " Global Ecosystem", enhance its competitiveness in the local market, and bring more purchasing choices to Malaysian customers.

According to the strategic cooperation agreement between the two parties, EPMB will assemble and produce electric vehicles as well as various SUV models of GWM locally, which will promote the development of Malaysia's automotive industry and create more job opportunities for the local area.  

The cooperation is a solid step taken by GWM in its local assembly strategy in Malaysia, an important breakthrough in the steady promotion of GWM' globalization strategy, and consistent with the Malaysian government's vision to enhance the automotive industry's capabilities and promote industry growth.

At present, GWM has achieved extensive coverage in the ASEAN market, and in 2023, it achieved its first overseas annual sales exceeding 300000 vehicles, with cumulative overseas sales exceeding 1.4 million vehicles and global annual sales having exceeded one million vehicles for eight consecutive years. The cooperation will play an important role in GWM' strategy in the ASEAN market, and will further increase market share through comprehensive improvements of sales, after-sales, and services to boost the continuous growth of overseas sales of GWM.