GWM-FTXT made a grand appearance at the 2024 Fuel Cell Expo (FC EXPO) in Japan, accelerating its expansion into the global market

GWM News 2024-03-04

On February 28, 2024, the Fuel Cell Expo (FC EXPO) commenced in Tokyo, Japan, standing as one of the world's largest showcases for hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. GWM-FTXT, a subsidiary of Chinese automaker Great Wall Motor that focuses on hydrogen energy technology, presents various self-developed innovative products and comprehensive service solutions, drawing significant attention from overseas clients and media outlets.

GWM-FTXT presented a range of core components, including 100kW (passenger vehicle) and 255kW (commercial vehicle) high-power hydrogen fuel cell engines, 300+kW expanded graphite plate stacks, second-generation high-performance MEA, 70MPa Type IV hydrogen storage tanks, and a series of hydrogen OTV. Several key performance indicators have already reached international pinnacles, securing numerous authoritative international certifications such as ASPICE CL2, (KBA) EC79, IATF 16949:2016, and ISO 26262, demonstrating the qualification and capabilities to provide supplies to global clients.

GWM-FTXT has launched several models of hydrogen commercial vehicles in the Chinese market at scale, with application scenarios covering logistics transportation, public transit, hydrogen-powered vessels, and other fields, yielding sound economic and environmental benefits, recognition, and trust from end-users in the Chinese market.

As GWM-FTXT is making efforts to accelerate global market expansion, strategic collaborations have been signed with companies and institutions in several countries including Brazil, Canada, and Italy. Together, they aim to collectively explore third-party international markets, leveraging the accumulated application experience in the Chinese market to gradually extend outreach to global markets. This concerted effort seeks to propel pivotal technological innovations and diverse applications in the global hydrogen energy industry, catalyzing the transition toward green energy worldwide.