Indonesian Media hails GWM Intelligent New Energy Vehicles

GWM News 2024-03-19

Recently, GWM's overseas collaborative series event "Go Long, Go With The World" - "Hello, Indonesia!" China Tour was successfully held, enabling Indonesian media to gain a comprehensive understanding of its intelligent new energy capabilities and showcasing the company's determination towards global sustainable development strategy through visits, discussions, test rides and drives.

Photo 1: Indonesian media visiting the GWM Technology Center

Indonesian media visited the GWM Technology Center, experiencing firsthand cutting-edge technologies such as NVH, EMC, and environmental wind tunnel tests. At the SVOLT Energy Lab, Indonesian media experienced its research and production capabilities in the power battery field, gaining insight into the company's comprehensive ecological layout in the field of new energy. Furthermore, GWM technical experts, with relaxed and engaging explanations, further elaborated on the company's product design concepts, hybrid technology, stringent safety testing standards, and vividly demonstrated principles of electric drive systems, engines, and transmissions, earning widespread acclaim from the media.

Photo 2: GWM Design Vice President Andrewpaul Dyson explaining the design concept of TANK to Indonesian media

Photo 3: Indonesian media attracted by GWM's diverse power systems

During the test driving session, Indonesian media experienced firsthand the challenges of high-speed tests, hill climbing tests, and more with six intelligent new energy models including the HAVAL H6 New Energy, ORA 03, ORA 07, WEY Blue Mountain, WEY High Mountain, and TANK 500 Hi4-T smart luxury off-road SUV, in addition to the TANK 300. Indonesian media highly praised GWM's hybrid technology for its stability and safety during extreme speed and 50% uphill driving, considering it to be undoubtedly leading the global first-tier in both driving experience and hybrid technology.

Photo 4: Indonesian media eagerly sharing their experiences with Indonesian users after in-depth test rides and drives

"GWM's hybrid system maintains smooth power output even under extreme conditions while providing a very comfortable driving experience, which pleasantly surprised me. It will undoubtedly be very popular in the Indonesian market," praised Reza Fadli Rizkianto from CVT Indonesia after test riding and test driving of the  products.

Photo 5: Reza Fadli Rizkianto praising GWM's product capabilities

During the "Executive Face-to-Face" session, GWM Vice President and Head of Overseas Business, Parker Shi, introduced GWM's advantage in adhering to the "global ecosystem" strategy in international markets. With a comprehensive layout of the global forest ecosystem, GWM can provide diversified and comprehensive power systems to meet the diverse needs of local users, while adhering to long-termism, rooting in Indonesia, serving Indonesia, and becoming a local global brand.

Photo 6: GWM Vice President and Head of Overseas Business Parker Shi sharing GWM's experiences in ecological expansion

In August 2023, GWM was officially launched in the Indonesian market and plans to officially begin sales in late March 2024. This trip to Indonesia by the Indonesian media further strengthens GWM's strategic direction of "cleaner, smarter, and safer" in the Indonesian market. In the future, it will systematically promote the iteration and upgrade of new energy products, bringing the best products to global consumers and achieving high-quality sustainable development.