GWM TANK 300 launched in Mexico leading new trend of luxury and off-road

GWM News 2024-03-18

Recently, Great Wall Motor (GWM) launched TANK product range in Mexico,. The TANK will center on off-road genes and users centric brand philosophy, and work together with famous outdoor brands to create a new "off-road+" lifestyle; At the same time, the "Tanker" user alliance has been established in Mexico, creating the strongest off-road cultural circle for users and leading a new trend in off-road travel in Mexico. Multiple authoritative media outlets and partners from Mexico have witnessed the new journey of GWM in Mexico.

In September 2023, GWM was launched in Mexico, announcing its official entry into the Mexican market and establishing a positioning as a new energy brand. It is the third product range by GWM to the Mexican market, following the HAVAL and ORA.

As a high-end off-road brand launched by GWM for the new trend of SUVs, TANK has successfully launched models of various powers such as TANK 300, TANK 400, TANK 500, and TANK 700 since its establishment, completing the layout of compact to medium sized off-road SUVs and leading the trend of trendy off-road driving. GWM is bringing a new interpretation of off-road culture to global consumers. At present, it has successfully landed in overseas markets such as Australia, Central Asia, ASEAN, the Middle East, and South Africa, with total global sales of nearly 400000 units, becoming a new choice for off-road enthusiasts. The entry of the tank brand into the Mexican market is not only a new measure for GWM to fulfill its commitment to the Mexican market, but also a new chapter for GWM to explore its off-road culture.

In order to implement the global user centric concept of the TANK and create a better off-road travel experience for off-road enthusiasts, the Mexican "Tanker" Alliance has been officially established. Relying on the TANK Global User Ecological Platform, we deeply communicate with users in multiple fields such as products, channels, and services, listen to their voices, and play with them. At the same time, the TANK will collaborate with renowned outdoor brands to combine its off-road SUV genes with sports and outdoor lifestyles, breaking through boundaries and exploring the integration of diverse cultures with more enthusiasts, leading a new trend in Mexican sports and off-road culture.

The TANK 300 is the first model of the TANK range, and with a record of over 280000 vehicles in three years since its launch, it has become a new choice for luxury off-road SUV enthusiasts in many parts of the world. The TANK 300 HEV is the fourth model introduced by GWM to the Mexican market, positioned as an "intelligent luxury off-road SUV", creating a new product category in the Mexican sub market and becoming a new choice for Mexican users to pursue economic practicality and off-road performance. After the press conference, authoritative Mexican media conducted the first in-depth test drive of the TANK 300 HEV. This test drive was specifically chosen in the salt lake basin and desert areas with multiple depressions and steep slopes. The aim was to provide the media with a comprehensive experience of the TANK 300 HEV's performance through various complex road conditions such as wading, climbing, salt lakes, urban roads, and depressions, and to provide objective and fair insights and suggestions.

After experiencing a hill climbing test drive, experienced car reviewer Gabriel Salazar highly praised the TANK 300: "The TANK 300 has excellent off-road capabilities, a stable and solid chassis, and even on very complex road surfaces, the suspension still feels very comfortable."

Ivet, a senior media outlet in the automotive industry, praised the exterior and interior design of the TANK 300: "As a female car player, I really like the overall fashionable design of the TANK 300. Its exterior and interior create a strong contrast, with a tough exterior design that meets the taste of off-road enthusiasts. The interior is luxurious and exquisite, giving people a very comfortable and quiet experience."

Daniel lbanez, a senior journalist and founder of automotive business and finance, stated, "The TANK 300 has a luxurious interior and rich technological features, making it highly cost-effective among off-road SUVs in the same class and will be favored by many off-road enthusiasts."

Yang Weiqi, President of GWM Latin America, Yao Bin, Senior Director of Latin America, and Pedro Bezerra, Vice President and General Manager of GWM Mexico, accompanied the media and partners throughout the entire process. While introducing GWM's strategy in Mexico, they also listened to the media's test drive feedbacks and suggestions.

Since entering the Mexican market, GWM has always been operating with a global strategic thinking of "ecological going global+ long-termism", fulfilling its long-term commitment to the Mexican market and introducing better products and services. Last year, it successfully introduced three models, including the HAVAL H6 HEV and the ORA03, and gained the favor of Mexican consumers; At the same time, GWM has established cooperation with brands in banking, insurance, logistics, lifestyle, and other fields such as Starbucks, DHL, and BBVA. The brand's circle of friends continues to expand, aiming to solve the pain points of users throughout their entire lifecycle, truly rooted in the local area, and serving the local community.

2024 is a year for GWM to accelerate its strategic layout in Mexico. In a fiercely competitive market environment, GWM has been always adhering to the principle of "high-quality products+satisfactory services", practiced the original aspiration of the brand, copied the best products, services, and experience to more overseas markets, and put users at the center to continuously create surprising experiences for global users.