GWM showcasing its global ambition at the Auto China 2024

GWM News 2024-05-06

Recently, GWM invited thousands of foreign media from overseas to gather in China to participate in the 2024 Beijing International Auto Show and carry out a series of experience and exchange activities. During this period, thousands of foreign media from overseas test drove the star models of the five major brands of GWM, visited GWM SVOLT Energy, Xushui Smart Factory, R&D Center, and visit GWM booth, and gained a comprehensive understanding of the forest ecosystem of GWM from product development, manufacturing, technological reserves, culture, and other aspects.

Jack Wey, Chairman of GWM, stated, "GWM will attach great importance to overseas markets, increase investment in overseas resources, fully support overseas expansion, and launch products with category advantages, high quality, and competitiveness in various regions overseas!" Looking to the future, GWM will rely on its Chinese foundation, firmly promote ecosystem expansion in the global market, and promote the healthy development of Chinese automobiles in the global market.

By 2030, GWM aim to achieve annual overseas sales of over a million vehicles through “Rooted in China and grown in the world” strategy

GWM is one of the earliest Chinese car companies to go global and has been operating in overseas markets for 27 years. No matter how far "going out" is, China is the foundation of Great Wall Motor. Mu Feng, President of GWM, said, "GWM needs to rooted in China, as well as grown in the world. The wisdom we drawn upon from Chinese culture and new productivity will be scarce globalization resources for automotive companies in the future. When the world looks at China, GWM can only achieve global brand development by relying on China."

Looking towards the future, GWM has officially released its " Four Globalizations " strategy for global development: Locally Built, Locally Operated, Globally Cultivated, Supply Chain Integrated. It has announced that it will increase investment in overseas markets, support overseas expansion, and promote comprehensive overseas research, production, supply, sales, and service under “one GWM”. It plans to achieve overseas sales of over a million vehicles and high-end vehicle sales accounting for more than one-third by 2030.

Parker Shi, Vice President and Head of GWM international, stated: "GWM will adhere to long-termism, and call for the companies who shared the same love and passion to build a new era and new GWM!" "rooting downward, growing upward, and blossoming outward," GWM will spare no effort to promote brand globalization and expand its product layout into the global market with multiple energy, power, and categories. ".

Thousands of foreign media and dealers perceive the comprehensive strength of GWM in car manufacturing


With the release of the " Four Globalizations" strategy, GWM has entered a new stage of high-quality development in globalization, and its strong forest ecosystem is attracting more and more followers. During the Beijing Auto Show, thousands of foreign media from overseas visited GWM to deeply explore GWM SVOLT Energy, Xushui Smart Factory, and R&D Center. They also test drove the star products of WEY, TANK, HAVAL, ORA, and POEA at test ground and off-road Base, fully experiencing GWM's technological and manufacturing capabilities.


At the GWM booth with the theme of "Intelligent, Off road, and Worldwide", the five major brands of WEY, TANK, HAVAL, ORA and POER were on stage for the first time. More than 20 heavyweight models, including the WEY80 Intelligent Driving Edition, TANK 700 Hi4-T, New Generation HAVAL H6, New Generation HAVAL H9, 2024 HAVAL Menglong, 2024 ORA O3, and POER SAHAR Hi4-T, have made their debut, attracting thousands of overseas guests to take photos, place orders and rush to purchase star models.

GWM has exported to more than 170 countries and regions worldwide, with over 1000 overseas sales channels and over 14 million users in the global market. The company has sold over 1.4 million vehicles overseas and achieved a milestone of 300,000 vehicles in 2023, achieving an 85% year-on-year growth.

Faced with fierce future competition, GWM is full of confidence. It will adhere to its strategic determination in overseas markets, accelerate the pace of globalization, always maintain high-quality development, and create a new era and GWM that belongs to China and the world!