The First Batch of “Technical Expert Group in GWM” Debuted in a Central Role - Hardcore Technologies Energized the Transformation of GWM

GWM News 2020-08-06

With “Unnoticed Talents” in Various Areas, Great Wall Motors Focused on Core Technology R&D and Introduced the First Batch of “Technical Expert Group in Great Wall Motors”.


The First Batch of “Technical Expert Group in GWM” debuted in a central role, including top-notch experts in five fields, namely, car styling, powertrain, intelligent connected vehicle and new energy;

The expert group will serve as spokesman of GWM and enter Zhihu platform, introducing forward-looking technologies in professional fields to users and sharing scientific and technological achievements of GWM;

The “technical expert group in GWM” will promote the transformation of GWM to a “global mobility technology company”.

On August 3, the first batch of “Technical Expert Group in GWM”, comprised of 16 top experts in different fields of the auto industry, debuted in a central role. The expert group will focus on customers’ demands, directly display the hardcore technologies of GWM in a transparent way and energize its transformation towards a global mobility technology company. This is another important measure taken by GWM, following the launch of three technology brands.

Technical Expert Group in GWM

The “Technical Expert Group in GWM” involves top-notch experts in five fields, namely, car styling, powertrain, intelligent connected vehicle and new energy. Members of the group have devoted to technology R&D for many years in subdivided fields, who are not only “big names of technology” in GWM, but also renowned talents of high-precision technologies in the auto industry. The experts areas follows:

Car Styling Field

Raul Pires (Italy), Vice President of GWM and Vice President of Prior Strategy

Phil Simmons (British), Special Vice President of GWM and Vice President of Haval Brand Design

Emanoel Derta (Romania), Executive Director of WEY Brand Design

In terms of car styling, under the guidance of professional and dedicated world’s top design team, Haval, WEY, ORA and Pickup integrated Chinese and foreign design elements while keeping the original design style, which made the vehicle more fashionable and avant-garde. The innovative design languages also add younger elements to the product, fitting diversified demands of the customers., which is actually the ingenious design of world’s leading professional team.

Design Drawing of Full-size Pickup

Engine Field

Gerhard Henning (German), Chief Engineer of HYCET Transmission System Co., Ltd

Chen Xiaofeng, Dean of HYCET Transmission Research Institute

Jiao Nayong, Exquisite Chassis Research Institute

Wang Chaojiu, General Manager of HYCET Intelligent Steering

Gao Dingwei, Chief Engineer of HYCET Engine Research Institute

Meng Xiangcheng, head of System Integration Department, HYCET Engine Research Institute

In terms of engine, GWM forms an expert group grasping multiple internationally advanced technologies, including engine, transmission, electrically driven system, chassis and intelligent steering system. Relying on years of hard work in researching professional technologies and techniques, GWM made continuous efforts in building core engine products with stronger motivation, higher safety and global competitiveness. Among them, world’s first transverse 9DCT/9HDCT transmission independently developed by GWM increased the torque capacity by 54%, the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers of 9DCT transmission reduced by 7% and the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers of 9HDCT transmission reduced by 70%; the thermal efficiency of 4N20 engine reached 38.3%, the maximum power of high-powered engine 180 KW and the maximum torque capacity 385N.m.

4N20 Engine and 9DCT Transmission

The recently launched  platforms typically bring together the technological essences of GWM in many years. One of the platform is equipped with world’s leading high-efficient gasoline engine. By 2022, the thermal efficiency of regular engines will have reached 41% and hybrid engines 42%. By 2025, the thermal efficiency of high-efficient engines will have reached 51.5%. As an intelligent professional off-road platform in the world, “Tank” includes three power types, namely, ICE, PHEV and HEV. With China’s first vertical 9AT transmission, vehicles will be featured by better torque density and gear ratio span than like products, lighter weight, better dynamic performance and higher efficiency. At the same time, they will be equipped with the strongest off-road power in the world. The integration of 3.0GDIT engine and 9AT P2 make the total power reach 380KW and total torque capacity 750Nm, which will offer great power for extreme off-road conditions

Intelligence Field

Cai Dexuan, Director of User Experience Center, Product Digitization Center

Zhang Guoqiang, expert from Intelligent Connected Vehicle Platform of Product Digitization Center

Bin Yang, Deputy Chief Engineer of Autopilot from Great Wall Holdings Haomo Intelligent Driving

In terms of intelligence, GWM mapped out the plan more than a decade ago. It develops professional R&D teams in digitization, intelligent driving and intelligent connection and makes many groundbreaking scientific and technological achievements. At present, the “Coffee Intelligence” platform launched by GWM is the comprehensive expression of its technological achievements in intelligence. L3 autopilot based on “Coffee Intelligence” platform adopts expandable architecture, which will begin iteration from next year and may upgrade to autopilot at L4 or even higher level.

Intelligent Cockpit of GWM

In terms of intelligent cockpit, based on people, vehicle, road and environment, “Coffee Intelligence” will be able to offer panorama seamless perception both in and out the vehicle. With the help of “end-cloud integration” super remote sensing technology, it will blend the vehicle into urban mass transportation intelligent system. What’s more, in terms of electrical/electronic architecture, Coffee Intelligence will energize GWM 3.5 and 4.0 with brand-new electrical / electronic architecture, which will support Gigabit Ethernet, 5G, V2X and so on.

New Energy Field

Chen Xuesong (Canada), CEO of GWM Holding Weishi Energy Co., Ltd

Gao Fei, General Manager of GWM Holding HYCET Energy Cell R&D Center

Li Yibing, Deputy General Manager of HYCET Electrically Driven System Co., Ltd

Dai Min, Inspector General of HYCET Electrically Driven Controller

In terms of new energy, thanks to professional R&D teams, forward-looking arrangement and years of excessive devotion and precise research and development, GWM keeps making new achievements in the core technologies of new energy. Currently, HYCET Energy subordinate to Great Wall Motor Holdings has released the world’s first cell product based on cobalt-free material as well as world’s first four-element cell product. And it will officially launch NMx cobalt-free cell in May this year, becoming world’s first cell producer that develops cobalt-free cell. While the new platform has realized a driving range of 700 km and acceleration from 0 to 100km/h in 4.4 seconds.

In addition, in terms of hydrogen power, the future-oriented first generation FECV realizes a driving range of over 900 km and acceleration from 0 to 100km/h in less than 9 seconds, which will be officially launched in 2021. The second generation FCEV will be released in 2023 according to plan, power capability of fuel cell stack, electricity quantity of power battery and the driving range of which will further upgrade.

It is worth mentioning that “Technical Expert Group in GWM” will enter Zhihu platform, initiate round table meeting in Zhihu vehicle section and introduce small video program “Technology Storm Reality Show”, in which they will reveal the R&D capabilities of GWM, actually bringing the R&D achievements of GWM from backstage to the front.

At present, under the context of rapid development of emerging technologies, such as big data, cloud computing, 5G and artificial intelligence as well as the deep integration with traditional industries, an industry change bringing by digitization and intelligent transformation is about to take place. As a “leader” of transformation, GWM puts forward the idea of transforming “from a Chinese automotive enterprise to a global mobility technology company”. It launches three technology brands. And the “Technical Expert Group in GWM” published this time will become the accelerator for transformation and upgrade. With the philosophy of excessive devotion and precise R&D, the team of “Technical Expert Group in GWM” will keep enlarging and inject new impetus to transformation.