Dream Carrier, Game Definer - GWM POER Pickup Launched in Saudi Arabia

GWM News 2021-01-07

On December 27, 2020, GWM POER Pickup was officially launched in Saudi Arabia.

On December 27, 2020, GWM POER Pickup was officially launched in Saudi Arabia. Carrying consumers’ dreams and expectations on high-end pickups, GWM made an epic innovation on GWM POER Pickup with immersion experience of all scenarios for users, which gave a new definition on market pattern with pride.

Middle East is a key area of pickup culture. Oil exploration and exploitation drive the economic take-off of Saudi Arabia and brought unforgettable and colorful urban life here. However, it is inevitable for them to yearn for the desert. Sand flushing, camel racing, eagle walking and hunting, as traditional entertainment culture, manifests the love of the people of Saudi Arabia on desert. Driving through the desert with an off-road pickup hence becomes their dream life. Upon 30 years of development, GWM launched POER series, which is definitely an approach to help realize that dream.

Middle East is also GWM’s first attempt of market launch abroad. GWM POER Pickup is a carrier for the dreams of car makers after 2 decades of efforts from Deer, WINGLE to POER under constant innovation in product and concept. Excellent in off-road performance and comfortable in driving, GWM POER Pickup is a perfect combination of the “dream of life” for users and the “dream of car-making”, which bought new change for the local market.

GWM POER Pickup, the “Game Changer”, breaks the common concept of pickups with new definitions, such as the integration of multi-functions of all scenarios into local “desert culture” with an aim to create more entertainments and enhance comfort and safety. Based on the insight into users’ needs of car using, GWM POER Pickup aims to take users’ dreams from imagination into reality and satisfy users to the greatest extent with innovative designs. Due to government control on COVID-19, the launching event cannot be held indoors, and hence the online release and outdoor experience are given the priority.

Dealers, along with a dozen of immediate media and local KOLs (key opinion leaders), held online release for GWM’s huge user base of over 500,000. In addition, Alla Kayal, China’s top automotive commentator, gave comprehensive interpretations on passenger and commercial GWM POER Pickups. Within the three-day event, we received 600,000 views, 50,000 likes and 5,000+ shares.

For the offline experience, more than 20 media were invited to Jeddah Outdoor Test Drive Center to have a test drive on various conditions like sand dune, cross axis, speed hump, S road and straight acceleration. With 2.0 turbocharged engine, ZF8AT, TOD and rear axle-differential lock, GWM POER Pickup guarantees the comfort and freedom on various conditions like gobi or desert. It is also equipped with high-end functions like the interconnection of car and phone, open skylight, key-free access & one-key start, smart cockpit and L2 autopilot, so as to create luxurious experience.

To highlight the user-oriented concept, the first GWM POER Pickup users were invited to hold the delivery ceremony on site.

In the meantime, the four direct-sales stores in Jeddah, Riyadh and Dammam and 20+ secondary outlets nationwide started pre-sales and invited customers with intention for car appreciation and testing. Apart from the GWM POER Pickup Display Area on its debut, the outdoor area demonstrated a wild and reliable image, while the indoor area built an atmosphere of technology and comfort. Highly favored by customers, GWM POER Pickup recorded a trading volume of more than one hundred on December 27, 2020.

In addition to the launching event, we will invite well-known commentators including Ahmed Al Shehri and Hani Daghustani to form a fleet of eight GWM POER Pickups to drive across famous scenic spots in Saudi Arabia like village, oasis, desert and castle, in a bid to highlight its epic performance under the exotic charm.

In the following February, GWM POER Pickup will be shown at Saudi International Motor Show as a star model. We are looking forward to your visit!