GWM Upgrades Customer Care Services

GWM News 2021-02-01

Amid the global epidemic in early 2020, GWM launched the customer care activity themed with "Fighting Global Epidemic, We Care", evoked a strong response from its car owners.

Amid the global epidemic in early 2020, GWM launched the customer care activity themed with "Fighting Global Epidemic, We Care", evoked a strong response from its car owners.  During the Christmas and New Year period, GWM once again joined forces with many overseas distributors to roll out the second "Global After-sales Service Festival“, which deeply demonstrated its service concept of "Professional, Efficient, Premium". With upgraded activities and increased care, GWM celebrated the holidays with its overseas customers, creating continuous surprises for them.

Customers were invited to participate in the activity online and offline to celebrate the holidays with a host of cares. Being customer-oriented, it helped its overseas dealers to launch differentiated activities according to local circumstances and invite customers via online, offline, and one-on-one notification, allowing every customer to have the access to its care.

At present, the activity of "Labor cost support+Spare part discount" has been successfully launched in Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Mauritius, Uruguay, Iraq, and Bulgaria to reduce the household expenditure for customers during the holiday season; at the same time, the "Mystery Box" from China is also available, greatly increasing the festive atmosphere for customers. The thumbs-up and smile of the customers in the photos, which represents the greatest appreciation for the activities, inspires the continuous advancement of the care activities for overseas customers.

A joyous festival deserves excellent gifts. Activities kicked off on New Year's Day in the Russian market, with New Year's gifts as the communication media. For customers who went to the dealership for car maintenance during the activity, the "New Year's Gift for 1000 People" activity is launched, i.e., to replace the limited edition foot pads with HAVAL LOGO for customers for free. At the beginning of the new year, the cockpit is renewed to start a new year together with customers.

In addition, in order to welcome the POER Pickup, the activity of "A chance to win a free scheduled service" will be launched in the Australian market in February this year for all Wingle Pickup owners, giving back the existing customers' trust in the GWM brand.

It will serve customers worldwide, accompanied by after-sales care. In the future, GWM will continue to deepen the care activities for its customers to provide more benefits and interests and deliver a favorable customer experience. By doing so, more and more overseas customers will feel at home via the after-sales service care, as well as the pleasure and dignity of being a customer of GWM.