Great Wall Motors Was Acclaimed by ITU for Its Efforts to Promote Industrial Transformation to the 5G Era

GWM News 2019-10-14

With the accelerated development of 5G+AI technology, the global automobile industry is ushering in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. As a leading enterprise in China's automobile industry, Great Wall Motors has been actively participating in the standardization of multimedia user requirements, application scenarios and technical architecture in the global automobile industry in recent years. Great Wall Motors was just acclaimed by international organizations for its continuous contribution to the integration of China's automobile industry with the global automobile industry.

In the afternoon of September 28, hosted by TIAA, the chairman unit of ITU-T SG16 vehicular multimedia, the Fifth Meeting of Domestic Counterpart Group of Focus Group on Vehicular Multimedia (FG-VM) & the Tenth Meeting of Vehicle-mounted Digital Multimedia Working Group was successfully held. During the meeting, the representative of ITU-T officially presented Great Wall Motors with the Letter of Thanks signed by Chaesub Lee, Director of ITU-T. Chaesub Lee expressed his appreciation to Great Wall Motors for its contributions to the standardized development of an internationally coordinated vehicular multimedia architecture.

Guo Yansong (middle), Deputy Director of R&D Center of Great Wall Motors, accepted the Letter of Thanks from ITU-T on behalf of Great Wall Motors

Chaesub Lee, Director of ITU-T, wrote in the letter: “I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to you and the Great Wall Motor Co, LTD for the participation and contributions to the focus group on vehicular multimedia. Your proactive support was instrumental to the development of the first Technical Report on vehicular multimedia use cases and requirements. Also, I strongly appreciate your contributions to foster an international dialogue for development of an internationally agreed vehicular multimedia architecture. 

Original Letter of Thanks from ITU-TITU-T

As an agency of the United Nations, ITU is responsible for information and communication technical services. It is responsible for the allocation and management of global radio-frequency spectrum and satellite orbit resources, the development of global telecommunications standards, the provision of telecommunications assistance to developing countries and the promotion of global telecommunications development. ITU-T is a branch of ITU that develops telecommunications standards. With the approval of ITU and with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of PRC, ITU-T FG-VM was officially established in July 2018 at the SG16 working conference in Slovenia and was chaired by TIAA. ITU-T FG-VM is the first focus group led by China. It is the ITU-T's first foray into the automotive sector, and three working groups on vehicular multimedia application scenarios and requirements, architecture, and technology implementation have been set up in the first batch.

In March 2019, Great Wall Motors attended the Third Meeting of ITU-T FG-VM (Geneva, Switzerland)

Meanwhile, the Satellite “Communication - Broadcasting - Navigation” Multifunction Terminal Program Press Conference was simultaneously hosted by TIAA. In recent years, Global Fusion (Beijing) Media Technology Development Co., Ltd, Vice President Unit of TIAA, developed the Essential IP of satellite and 4G/5G mobile Internet "space and ground" integrated media with international leading level, and Great Wall Motors actively promoted the experimental application of related technologies and products in its models. The application of satellite multifunction terminal program is conducive to enriching the variety of vehicle entertainment and information services, improving the reliability of mobility services, reducing driving and accident risks, and providing more comfortable and richer mobility experience for users. In the future, Great Wall Motors will provide more vehicles equipped with Satellite “Communication - Broadcasting - Navigation” Multifunction Terminal for users to experience and feel the charm of "space and ground" integrated multimedia.

HAVAL H9 took the lead in carrying the satellite multifunction terminal

In the future, Great Wall Motors will continue to increase investment in "new four modernizations" and "globalization" of auto industry, play the role of pioneer and leader in the great transformation of auto industry and the journey of Chinese domestic auto brands to the world, and show the powerful strength of Made in China and Created in China.