Great Wall Motors Shows up at the Guangzhou Automobile Exhibition 2019

GWM News 2019-11-29

On November 22, Great Wall Motors showed up at the 17th Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition 2019 (hereinafter referred to as “Guangzhou Automobile Exhibition 2019”) with its four brands HAVAL, WEY, ORA and Great Wall Pickup. At this exhibition, “New” became an important label for the booth of Great Wall Motors. New vehicles such as HAVAL H9 Lorinser Polestar Version, All New HAVA H6 GT Version and luxury limited-edition of “P” Off-road Pickup were unveiled. New vehicles WEY VV7 PHEV and VV7 GT PHEV were launched globally. The new concepts and strategies of the four brands under Great Wall Motors also became the highlight of the exhibition.

Great Wall Motors showed up at the Guangzhou Automobile Exhibition 2019 with its four brandsUnder the reform of the “new four modernizations” represented by “cleanness, intelligence, networking, and sharing”, Great Wall Motors continuously iterates its technology, upgrades its strategy and combines the efforts of the four brands, and deepens the process of the “new four modernizations" and globalization with a forward-looking vision and layout, so as to set a new benchmark for the transformation and development of the auto industry.

Starting from 300,000 units in three years, WEY strives to build a leading intelligent luxury brand worldwide

Ahead of the Guangzhou Automobile Exhibition 2019, Chinese luxury SUV brand WEY held its Third Anniversary Brand Night themed “new vision, new world”.

Third Anniversary Brand Night of WEY

At the event, Jack Wey, Chairman of Great Wall Motors, announced that WEY brand will start with the brand globalization strategy 2020, enter the European market in 2021, enter the North American market in 2023, become a leading intelligent luxury brand in the world in 2025, achieve the annual sales of 300,000 units, and make a major breakthrough from originating in China to representing China.

New energy family of WEY brandAs the new flagship products of WEY brand in new energy, VV7 PHEV and VV7 GT PHEV embody the most advanced hybrid technology of WEY brand, and are important achievements of WEY brand in the field of new energy. At the exhibition, WEY VV7 PHEV and WEY VV7 GT PHEV were launched globally. 


Meanwhile, WEY brand launched a concept vehicle WEY-X, which represented the highest R&D level of WEY. It further predicted the future development direction of WEY brand based on its super avant-garde technological modeling and fully equipped intelligent technology. In addition, VV5, VV6, VV7 and VV7 GT were also launched, showing the powerful strength of the luxury SUV family of WEY.


“New Four Modernizations Experience Park” shines again, and many new vehicles are launched

In order to further focus on user experience, HAVAL, ORA and Great Wall Pickup, three brands of Great Wall Motors, jointly established the "New Four Modernizations Experience Park” based on the concept of “new four modernizations”. The Park shows the forward-looking technological achievements, allowing the audience to experience the transformation of Great Wall Motors in terms of “new four modernizations” during zero-distance experience. At the same time, HAVAL, ORA and Great Wall Pickup launched several new vehicles, showing the great charm of Great Wall Motors as the leader of Chinese auto enterprises.

New Four Modernizations Experience Park of Great Wall Motors

Among them, themed on “Champion HAVAL, a world leader”, HAVAL brand focuses on safe, intelligent and personalized user experience and continuously goes beyond users‘ expectation. HAVAL H9 Modified Version, which was designed by Lorinser based on HAVAL H9, was officially open for pre-sale.

HAVAL H9 Modified Version

All New HAVA H6 GT Version

In addition, the “Three Pillars” of HAVAL F Series, which were launched recently, namely HAVAL F7 2020, HAVAL F7x Performance Version and HAVAL F5 2020, showed up together, further demonstrating the young and intelligent technological charm of HAVAL brand. Among them, as the latest masterpieces of the advanced strategy of HAVAL F Series, the two global cars HAVAL F7 and HAVAL F7x showed the innovative results of HAVAL leading Chinese brands to pursue dreams globally. HAVAL F5 2020, which was equipped with Fun-Life intelligent networking system and on-board version of WeChat for the first time, further showed the innovation and attempt of HAVAL in building the new ecology of automobile social interaction.

“Three Pillars” of HAVAL F Series

ORA brand, which is committed to building the “No.1 boutique EV in the world”, also launched several modified cars at the exhibition. These modified cars are based on ORA R1, the most popular model of ORA brand, with avant-garde, fashionable and cool shapes, which became a highlight at the exhibition. What’s more, ORA invited Xiaomi, an equally young and cool partner, to attend the exhibition. The cooperation of two giants in different fields indicates that ORA’s user management system ushered in a new development model and officially entered the user management system 2.0 stage. In the future, the two sides will launch a series of long-term cooperation around optimizing user service experience based on the “ORA Gold Economic Man” project and work together to create more value for users in terms of new retail channel co-construction, IoT services, 5G and ecological services in AI application scenarios.

ORA Exhibition Area 

As the first global pickup brand in China, the “P” Off-road Pickup is equipped with professional cross-country configurations such as three differential locks, winch, snorkel, crawling mode, tank turn-around, and seven all-terrain driving modes, as well as a number of intelligent safety equipment. Therefore, it has opened a new chapter of Chinese cross-country pickup culture and will end the era of imported pickup dominating the cross-country industry.

Great Wall Pickup Exhibition Area

Luxury Limited-edition of “P” Cross-Country Pickup Gasoline 8AT 

Three models of the “P”, namely Cross-Country Pickup, Passenger Pickup and Commercial Pickup, were launched at the exhibition, and the multi-purpose driving scenarios of the three models were exhibited.

“P” Commercial Pickup

Adhering to the “New Four Modernizations” and promoting globalization, Great Wall Motors aims for the global market

The era of 5G+AI commercialization has arrived. Standing at the historical juncture of the transformation and upgrading of the automobile industry, Great Wall Motors understands the importance of technological innovation. Great Wall Motors continuously deepens the "new four modernizations" of automobiles and applies advanced technological achievements to its products. With leading product strength, Great Wall Motors accelerates its globalization process and finally realizes the great vision of building a top auto brand in the world. 

WEY-X Concept Vehicle

Faced with the trend of energy saving and emission reduction, Great Wall Motors took the lead in putting forward the concept of "cleanness" based on "electrification" proposed by the industry. Great Wall Motors believes that it should adopt the strategy of common development of multiple technological paths, comprehensively develop various power combinations including traditional power, power battery and fuel cell, gradually realize the goal of environmental protection and energy saving, and fully meet the differentiated needs of global markets.


Therefore, in addition to outstanding achievements in power battery and hydrogen energy, HYCET, a subsidiary of Great Wall Motors, officially released the powertrain system including 4N20 engine, 9DCT transmission and 6001 series electric drive, with all performance indexes at the level leading in the industry.

Intelligent cockpit of Great Wall Motors

In addition to the "cleanness", Great Wall Motors spared no effort in the development of other fields of "new four modernizations". At present, Great Wall Motors has realized the mass production of various advanced technologies, including intelligent cockpit, L4-level urban autopilot, 5G remote unmanned driving, automatic valet-parking, and released strategic layouts such as "i-pilot" autopilot platform, and "GTO all-area intelligent ecological strategy". Combining the technical strength of "new four modernizations", Great Wall Motors comprehensively enhances the competitiveness of its products in the global market.

ORA Exhibition Area at the Guangzhou Automobile Exhibition 2019 

While adhering to the new four modernizations, Great Wall Motors has built a global R&D layout covering Europe, Asia and North America with Baoding Headquarters as the core to accelerate its progress in new technology. At the same time, Great Wall Motors continues to consolidate its global intelligent manufacturing capacity. In its "9+5" global production system, the Tula Factory in Russia and Chongqing Smart Factory have been put into operation successively, and the vehicle production projects in Pinghu, Zhejiang Province and Taizhou, Jiangsu Province have been launched successively. It demonstrates the "Great Wall speed" rarely seen in the industry, which is a strong guarantee for the improvement of its production efficiency and the development of globalization.

Great Wall Motors appeared at the Guangzhou Automobile Exhibition 2019 

From new products to new strategies, Great Wall Motors showed up at the Guangzhou Automobile Exhibition 2019 with its four brands, demonstrating its remarkable achievements in the "new four modernizations" in the past year. Combined with the continuous progress in the globalization process, Great Wall Motors will surely take lead in the new trend of the industry with new enterprise ecological layout, and drive the Chinese auto industry to the fast track of transformation and development.